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VigorSwitch Series


The VigorSwitch series of Ethernet switches from DrayTek provides your network with the solid backbone required to connect all of your wired devices and backbone connectivity.

All models in the DrayTek VigorSwitch series are Gigabit speed (1000BaseT) and include unmanaged, smart managed and fully layer 2 managed options, with additional L3 filtering capabilities. The wide range of features enables you to plan and maintain and efficient and reliable network infrastructure. PoE-equipped switches are available to supply power to PoE-enabled devices such as wireless access points, IP phones and IP cameras.

Unmanaged, Smart Managed and Full L2 Management

For the very simplest of applications where you simply need reliable and full performance connectivity, an unmanaged switch provides the connectivity without any fuss - just plug it in - no settings and no configuration. A smart managed switch provides a full web interface to report on status, configure ports and set up the more advances features. Smart manages switches typically support features like VLANs and QoS (Quality of Service). A fully Layer 2 managed switch provides additional facilities for control of switching; check the specification of individual models for details of the features available on each.


For explanations of some common switch features, check out our Switching Glossary.


Type (U/SM/L2M) Unmanaged Smart Managed Smart Managed Full L2 Managed Full L2 Managed
1000Mb/s (Gigabit) RJ45 Ethernet Ports 8 8 24 20 20
1000Mb/s (Gigabit) SFP Ethernet Ports - 2 - 2 2
Combo Gigabit (RJ45/SFP) Ports - - - 4 4
PoE Features Yes Yes No No Yes
   PoE Standard PoE - All ports
PoE+ on ports 1-4

PoE / PoE+
on all ports

- - PoE / PoE+
on all ports
   No. PoE Ports 8 8 - - 24
   Total Power Budget 130 Watts 120 Watts - - 185 Watts
VLAN Features No Yes Yes Yes Yes
   Tagged VLANs 802.1q  
   Port-based VLAN  
   Mac-Based VLAN      
   Voice VLAN (MAC OUI)    
   Protocol-based VLAN 802.1v      
Quality of Service No Yes Yes Yes Yes
   Rate Limiting (Ingress/Egress)
   Priority Queues 802.1p  
   TCP/UDP Port-based  
Management Features No Yes Yes Yes Yes
   IPv4 Management  
   IPv6 Management  
   Web Management  
   Command Line Interface    
   RS232 Console Port      
   Port Mirroring    
   Configuration Backup    
   SNMP v1,v2c    
   SNMP v3      
   RMON(Group 1,2,3,9)      
L2 Features No Yes Yes Yes Yes
   Link Aggregation (802.3ad)  
   Spanning Tree (802.1d)  
   Rapid Spanning Tree (802.1w)  
   Multiple Spanning Tree (802.1s)      
   Storm Control  
   Flow Control (802.3x)    
   IGMP v1/2/3  
   Jumbo Frames   ● 10Kb ● 10Kb ● 9600 ● 9600
Security Features No Yes Yes Yes Yes
   ACL(Access Control Lists)      
   Static port security      
   IEEE 802.1x Port Authentication      
   RADIUS Authentication      
   TACACS+ Authentication      
   HTTPS and SSL    
   Management VLAN    
   DHCP Relay Option 82      
   IP-MAC-Port Binding      
   Username/Password Authentication      
   LLDP (802.1ab)      ●
Rack Mountable Yes - 1U Height
Rack Fittings Included
Yes - 1U Height
Rack Fittings Included
Yes - 1U Height
Rack Fittings Included
Yes - 1U Height
Rack Fittings Included
Yes - 1U Height
Rack Fittings Included
Cooling Passive Passive Passive Passive Fan
Power Consumption Up to 150 Watts Up to 150 Watts 14.6 Watts 30 Watts Up to 250 Watts