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Vigor 2860 Series - Older Firmware

Firmware Information
Current Version 3.8.6BT (576D17)
Release Notes
Release Date 08/01/2018
Support Language English
Supported Models Vigor 2860
Vigor 2860n
Vigor 2860Vn
Vigor 2860n-Plus
Vigor 2860Vn-Plus
Vigor 2860ac
Vigor 2860Vac
Vigor 2860L
Vigor 2860Ln

The firmware we recommend is 3.8.6_BT . This version supports vectoring and uses modem code 576D17.

Firmware is normally supplied in two different styles: The ALL file will just upgrade the firmware, whereas the RST file will upgrade the firmware and wipe all settings back to factory defaults.

Model Search:
MD5 : 5bc893434e082a77b22b82bd3ad83fc6            SHA1 : 27f9cef0c599271bc291b28520b4457616859c85
MD5 : 95185362d80e56dc971157d50abb1e12            SHA1 : d0200250a3af8c058e983ff7216cdb6fd82fffe8
MD5 : 88deccb6eaa3bb1ad8a98fe0988ac0ff            SHA1 : 5a9e0d4d32d4eeb6b039d55dedb61c354e4fad80
MD5 : 3282102bff107501c2635e4f4e1f6bbb            SHA1 : 0288fe7a2d56fc27e294a9bf13f83aa50aa56b5e
MD5 : 8017be85448a0574a35944fe67c6efb9            SHA1 : dfbdc9017e7fef9bd834bd52900ccc681961e05c
MD5 : 1fdefc06e5a60cd15ff538865b47f88a            SHA1 : 562c727f93f8c5820c60f831a1543d25fa8bb7d9
MD5 : 264e51c12b29c10371c610238ac5a3bd            SHA1 : 636d67f0218c2f72937300e8602dcc53d757364c