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How to reset the Vigor 3900 / 2960 to Factory Default settings

Vigor 2960
Vigor 3900
Factory Reset

The DrayTek Vigor 3900, 2960 and 300B routers differ from other DrayTek routers in the process of factory resetting the units - when one of these routers is factory reset, it clears its internal filesystem and reflashes the router firmware.

Because of this, these routers take longer to factory reset than other DrayTek routers - with current firmware, the time from pressing the factory reset button to the router coming back online is roughly 2 minutes 30 seconds.

1. Back up the existing configuration on the router if required - this is done from [System Maintenance] > [Configuration Backup] by clicking the Backup button.
2. Press the Factory Reset button on the front of the router for 5 seconds.
3. The ACT and USB lights on the router will flash rapidly; release the Factory Reset button.
4. Wait for around 2 minutes and 30 seconds.
5. The router will be accessible on with the default user account of "admin" which has a default password of "admin".

A constant ping to can be used to monitor whether the router is back online as that is the IP address that the router will be on after the factory reset procedure.

On the Vigor 3900, it is possible to use the Console port of the router to monitor the progress of the factory reset procedure.
The router will display:
10-status: UP lan1
network(4683): boot END exec_time=9
Once the factory reset has completed and the router has finished its boot cycle.


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