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VigorBX 2000 - How to use a Cisco SPA IP Phone with the IPPBX

VigorBX 2000
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The DrayTek VigorBX 2000 is a SIP compliant IP PBX system with up to 50 Extensions and any SIP Compliant IP phone or soft-phone can be registered with the PBX system once an extension profile has been configured on the PBX system.

The Cisco SPA handsets have been tested with the VigorBX 2000 and have been found to work well once configured. The information in each tab covers the configuration changes required for a Cisco SPA handset to work well with the PBX system.

To configure a Cisco SPA handset, access the Handset's web interface and go to Admin mode by clicking the Admin Login link. The settings in this guide were configured from Basic Mode:

Create an Extension profile on the VigorBX 2000 by going to the [IP PBX] > [Extensions] menu, then click on the first available Index number to configure the Extension Profile:

When configuring the Cisco SPA handset, configure these settings under the Ext 1 tab:

Proxy Set this to the IP address of the PBX system, followed by the port number, in the format of ""
Register Yes
Registration Expiry 3600
Display Name The name displayed on the handset's display, this can be different from the Display Name setting on the PBX's Extension Profile
User ID This is the Extension Number configured on the PBX System's Extension Profile
Password This is the Password configured in the PBX system's Extension Profile
Use Auth ID Set this to No, however if the PBX has the "Use Display Name as Authentication ID" set this to yes
Auth ID Leave this blank unless the "Use Display Name as Authentication ID" option is enabled in the PBX system's Extension Profile

Once the settings are saved on the Cisco SPA handset and the details match the Extension Profile on the PBX system, the handset should be able to make and receive calls.

To configure the Codec settings to match the VigorBX 2000's Codec configuration, change these settings under the Ext 1 menu on the handset:

On handsets that support multiple Lines, the Call Waiting facility allows a phone to take other calls while there is a call in progress. This means that the handset will ring / beep to announce other incoming calls and the PBX system will not be able to perform the Busy action, such as going to Voice Mail, because the handset has not given a Busy response.

When Call Waiting is disabled, the handset will give a Busy response and the PBX can then perform the action specified in the Busy setting of the Extension Profile.

This is configured from the User Settings menu:

Handsets with a Voice Mail button must have the number specified in the configuration to call this number. The VigorBX 2000's default Voice Mail number is 888, configure this under the Phone menu to allow the Voice Mail button on the handset to work correctly:

Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) signaling allows an IP phone to relay Touch-Tone key presses through different IP and PSTN call systems, for instance calling a Bank's Telephone banking service may require touch tone / DTMF to operate.

On the VigorBX 2000, the default DTMF setting to use is RFC2833 or Out-of-Band.

The setting to match this on a Cisco SPA handset is configured under the Ext 1 settings, by configuring the DTMF Tx Method. Setting this to AVT will allow the phone to send DTMF in RFC2833 format. Alternatively, set this to "AVT+Info" for the phone to send DTMF tones in both RFC2833 and SIP INFO format.

The Call Pickup facility of the VigorBX 2000 system operates using a dial code of "*1" by default, this can then be used in two ways:

  • Group Call Pickup: Dial the Call Pickup number and the handset can then pick up a call within the same Hunt Group
  • Directed Call Pickup: Dial the Call Pickup number followed by the Extension or Hunt Group number to pick up that call

The Cisco SPA handsets use Call Pickup in a slightly different way in that it expects a different dial code to be used for each method and dial codes are expected in the format of "*xx".
If a number is shorter than the expected dial code length of two digits, the call will be rejected by the handset.
If the dial code exceeds two digits in length, the handset will remove any digits beyond the two digit length i.e. "*1200" becomes "*12".

This creates an interoperability issue between the two systems. To resolve this, simply change the call pickup code on the VigorBX 2000 to a number that does not use a "*" character so that it's not handled as a special number by the handset, because that's not required for the number to work with the PBX system. Please note that the number used should be something that will not otherwise be used as a prefix for other numbers such as internal extensions or external numbers.

In this example, the Call Pickup dial code will be changed to "890".

Access the PBX system's web interface and go to [IP PBX] > [PBX System] then click on PBX Service Number:

In the PBX Service Number settings, change the Call Pickup Number from "*1" to "890":

Click OK to save and apply that setting.

To pick up calls on a Cisco SPA handset with this change:

  • Group Call Pickup: Dial "890" and the handset will pick up a call within the same Hunt Group
  • Directed Call Pickup: Dial "890" followed by the Extension or Hunt Group number, for instance "890200" to pick up a call to Extension 200.



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