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Customising the Login screen on DrayTek routers

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Many DrayTek routers are able to customise the Login screen used for management, SSL VPN and User Management to display custom text.

This allows setting a Login Page Title which could be the name of the router, followed by a Welcome Message which is displayed below the router's Login box. This allows HTML markup to customise the display of the text.
This facility was added from firmware version on most DrayTek routers such as the Vigor 2820 (, Vigor 2710 and Vigor 2830.

The DrayTek Vigor 2860 and Vigor 2925 routers from firmware version 3.7.8 onwards can customise the login text and additionally display a custom image, which could be used to display a company logo for instance.


To set custom text on a DrayTek router that supports it, go to [System Maintenance] > [Login Page Greeting], on that page, tick the Enable tickbox.

The Login Page Title will show in the Login box that the router displays. It has a maximum length of 31 characters.

The Welcome Message and Bulletin shows below the login box, this allows HTML markup to customise the display of the text and allows up to 511 characters in total.

Click OK on that page to save the setting.

Click Preview to display a pop-up window which will show the router's Login page to demonstrate the changes.

When logging in to the router, it will then show the Login Page Title and Welcome Message as shown:

A custom image can be uploaded to the Vigor 2860 and Vigor 2925 routers with firmware 3.7.8 and later. This will display for the router's SSL VPN login page, the management login page and the User Management login page.

To display a custom logon image, prepare a suitable image to upload to the router. This can display .jpg, .gif or .png files and the dimensions of the image must be equal to or less than 524 pixels wide x 352 pixels high.

This example will use the DrayTek company logo, which has been resized to be 524 pixels wide.

To upload this to the router, go to [User Management] > [General Setup]:

On that page, select the Login Page Logo drop-down box and select Upload a file:

That will make it possible to click the Browse button on that page, click that and select the image to be uploaded:

Click the Upload button which will then upload the image to the router's memory:

It will display this message once the upload has completed, click OK for that and click OK on the [User Management] > [General Setup] page to apply the setting change.

The router's Login screen will now display in this format, with the custom image at the top of the login box:


It is also possible to customise the Login Page Greeting to display welcome text. Please note that when using a custom image, the Login Page Title text configured will not be displayed.


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