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Importing/Restoring Router configuration Backups into different models

A configuration backup is a binary file which your router can save to disk or other storage medium. It contains all of your current router settings. We recommend keeping an up to date backup of your router configuration in case it ever needs to be restored for example if a router is lost of damaged, or you make changes which you need to reverse. Always keep configuration backups safely as they do contain your confidential data. To save or restore a config. backup, use the System Maintenance menu in the router's Web Interface; in the filename it may be useful to include location, firmware version and date.

Importing config from older/different models.

In some cases, it is possible to take the configuration of an older model and import it into a newer model but do check compatibility before attempting to do so (if you use an incompatible backup, you cannot damage the hardware but you could make it malfunction or inoperable).  Even if the models are compatible, it's not always possible to transfer all settings, particularly those which are supported differently on the other model or where a particular config combination causes anomalous operation. This convenience feature therefore cannot be guaranteed to work in every scenario and sometimes you may have to set up the newer unit manually instead.

If you wish to import a config from a different model then it is important that your older model backup was made from a compatible firmware version. If not, take a backup, upgrade the older router and then make another backup (use distinct filenames each time). Similarly, upgrade the receiving router to compatible firmware (see table) before you do the import/restore.

It is recommended to manually verify the settings after restoring a configuration of an older model because features and functionality can vary between models.


Importing Router

Firmware Required

Accepts Backups From

Firmware Required

Vigor 2860 Vigor 2820
    Vigor 2830
    Vigor 2850 3.6.6

Vigor 2830n V2 V2 Vigor 2830

Vigor 2760

3.7.6 Vigor 2710 3.6.5

Vigor 2925

3.7.4 Vigor 2920 3.6.6


Note 1: You cannot transfer configs taken from a Vigor 2760 which is/was running f/w 1.x.x (pre-DrayOS).
Note 2: The Firmware Required is the first firmware that is supported, later or current firmware versions are recommended.

Importing config into same router model with same firmware

A configuration backup from a router can always be restored back into the exact same router, or another router of the same model or model series but the units should be of the same firmware version (see below).

Importing configs from backups made with different firmware

If you have a configuration backup which was taken from a router which had a different firmware version, you should upgrade/downgrade the firmware and then factory reset the receiving/importing router before importing (restoring) the configuration file.