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Vigor 2750 VDSL BT Infinity Setup

Vigor 2750
Vigor 2750

BT Infinity provides a VDSL connection from the local street cabinet to the customer premises.

The Vigor 2750 supports VDSL and can connect directly to the phone socket via an RJ11 cable.

The Vigor 2750 does not connect via an Openreach modem; If you are looking for a device to connect to BT Infinity via the Openreach modem then please check the Ethernet WAN products such as the Vigor2130 and Vigor2920.

Setting up the Vigor 2750 to connect to BT Infinity

Using your Web Browser go to the Vigor 2750's Web Interface via and log in using the default username of "admin" and password of "admin"

The main menu page will appear as shown.

Main Page

Click on [WAN] > [Multi-VLAN] and set the settings as shown. With BT Infinity the WAN VLAN ID should be set to 101:


Click on [WAN] > [Internet Access] and set the Connection Type as PPPoE. Enter the username / password details that were provided by your ISP in the appropriate fields as shown:

PPPoE Setup

Click on [Online Status] and after a moment the Vigor 2750 will connect to the ISP and a public IP Address should be listed in the Online Status page

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