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VoIP FAQ: Line Speed/Types

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What type of Internet connection should I have?

The DrayTek products with VoIP support have either broadband or ISDN connection, however VoIP can operate over any type of Internet connection, including analogue dialup, and the person at each end of the call doesn't need to have the same type of connectivity. e.g. you could have broadband ADSL and the other person might be using ISDN. To receive calls, you do need to be connected to the Internet, either permanently (an 'always on' connection as with broadband) or to be connected to the Internet at the time you are expecting the call. If your modem or router 'disconnects' from the Internet, you cannot receive a VoIP call. An ADSL line normally has an upstream speed of 256-400Kb/s, regardless of the downstream speed (up to 8Mb/s) and as voice calls are full duplex, this is a factor to consider - i.e. a 4Mb/s ADSL user can't assume to cram 8 times as many VoIP calls down his line as a 512Kb/s ADSL user.

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