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General Router FAQ

Setting the Router Password

What is the default admin password ?

The router has a default username and password when supplied. This is used to access the router's own admin interfaces (web/telnet).


Vigor 2110adminadmin
Vigor 2130adminadmin
Vigor 2600 Seriesadminleave blank
Vigor 2700 Seriesadminleave blank
Vigor 2710 Seriesadminadmin
Vigor 2800 Seriesadminleave blank
Vigor 2820 Series (
 Vigor 2820 Series (before adminleave blank
Vigor 2830adminadmin
Vigor 2900, 2910, 2930 Seriesadminleave blank
Vigor 2920admin admin
Vigor 2950 / 2955adminleave blank
Vigor 3200adminadmin
Vigor 3300 / 3300Vplusdraytek1234
VigorIPPBX 2820, 3510adminleave blank
VigorPro 5510adminadmin
VigorAP 700, 800adminadmin
Vigor 100, 110, 120 adminleave blank
VigorPhone 350adminleave blank
VigorSwitch P2260adminadmin
VigorSwitch G2240adminadmin

How do I change the router password ?

You should change the password as soon as possible to prevent unauthorised persons or software from accessing the router and changing or viewing your settings. Do remember your new password as there is no way to retrieve it if forgotten (but you can clear all settings, including the password if you really need to, but you then have to set up the router from scratch).

Vigor Router Change Password

By default, the router's admin interfaces are only accessible from the LAN side of the router (your local PCs) and not external users (Internet/WAN side). If you do wish to remotely access the router's admin interfaces (from elsewhere on the Internet), enable that option under the Management options:

Vigor Router - Management Options

You can add additional security by using the access list (example shown above). This restricts router admin management to specific IP addresses or subnets. Once set up, only clients whose IP address matches those listed can access the router's admin interface. If you do use this, remember to include your own local subnet otherwise you will be unable to access the router admin locally (in the example above, that is Instead of your whole local subnet, you can restrict management to just a single PC if it always has the same IP address.

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