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13th October 2016


DrayTek win PC Pro Excellence Awards 2016

DrayTek win PC Pro Excellence Awards 2016

DrayTek have once again been awarded the PC Pro Excellence award.  At a ceremony in London on October 12th 2016, PC Pro's editor, Tim Danton  presents the trophy to DrayTek as winner of the "Best Wireless Router Brand".  This is now the 7th time that DrayTek have won this award.


PC PRO 2016 Trophy

This award is voted for by readers of PC Pro magazine, so represents a cross-section of real-world users of all brands. These users are who PC Pro call "the real experts".   As DrayTek's ultimate goal is to satisfy our end users, this type of recognition with a prestigious award is particularly cherished by us.


Users rate their vendors on the various criteria and DrayTek came out on top, above all other vendors with a total rating higher than all other vendors - 94%, when considering all categories (Speed, range, support and reliability). The next highest vendors were only in the mid to low 80's. On hardware rating we scored an amazing 94-96% on performance.  

Julian Hubble, head of sales and marketing for DrayTek in the UK said : " We're delighted to receive this award yet again. We're most grateful for the readers for rating us so highly and also to the PC Pro team for the award itself. Thank you to everyone who voted we hope that we continue to satisfy you. "



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