2021 Business Solutions: DrayTek Fibre Routers


The UK government has announced the first phase of Project Gigabit, outlining more than one million premises where work will start next year. It includes 6 projects planned to start in H1 2022 and a variety of schemes and grants to help accelerate fibre-rollout across the nation and bring fibre to rural areas.

This video, presented by Alex Shuker and Amy Hood, reviews DrayTek's router solutions for Fibre Broadband.

Webinar Agenda:

  • Background
    • What is Fibre?
    • When people say Fibre Broadband, what do they mean really?
  • Types of connection
    • Understanding the different ISP connection packages
    • Selecting a DrayTek product for Fibre Broadband
  • Key DrayTek Features
    • Performance and Capabilities of DrayTek Fibre routers
    • DrayTek VPN & Security Features
    • Routing & Network Design options

For information about the products mentioned in the video, please visit here: