VigorACS 2

AP Management

Overview of Wireless Networks

The VigorACS 2 Central Management System can manage and view the utilisation of VigorAP Wireless access points as well as DrayTek Vigor routers, to configure single VigorAP access points or all VigorAP's within a Network.

Any VigorAP connected to VigorACS, either connecting from behind a DrayTek Vigor router or from a site that does not have a DrayTek router installed, can be managed across the Internet using VigorACS.


VigorACS 2 Statistics

The Statistics section in VigorACS 2 provides a detailed overview of wireless clients connected to your network of VigorAP access points:

  • Overall data usage and number of clients connected
  • Wireless bands used by wireless clients
  • Client & AP ranking, view which APs and clients have the highest utiliisation
  • Client & Traffic graphs to view clients connected and data usage at peak times
  • Operating systems of wireless clients when used in conjunction with Mobile Device Management

View Wireless Client Records

VigorACS 2's Monitoring records wireless clients and other devices that have connected in to your network, through routers and APs connected to VigorACS 2.


The Clients section of VigorACS 2 can record and create reports on:

  • Wireless clients connected (Hostname, MAC address, IP address)
  • Client Operating system (when used in conjunction with Mobile Device Management)
  • CPE (Routers or Wireless Access Points) the client connected through
  • SSID and Wireless Band (2.4GHz or 5GHz) used to connect
  • Data usage (Total, Download, Upload)
  • Connection Time

AP Profile

VigorACS 2 manages VigorAPs through AP Profiles, which can be provisioned to single access points or multiple VigorAPs at once.

Simply copy an AP profile from one site, make any required modifications and provision access points the next site.

AP Profiles can configure every setting of a VigorAP access point:

  • Wireless Channels
  • Wireless Network names (SSID)
  • Wireless Passwords (Pre-Shared Key)
  • 802.1X RADIUS configuration
  • AP load balance settings
  • AP mobility configuration
  • Management usernames/passwords
  • VLAN configuration

Mapping AP Locations

VigorACS 2's Floor Plan can store images of floor plans and locations to record wireless access point locations. Simply drag and drop virtual APs or existing APs for the selected VigorACS network.

When the dimensions of the image are specificed, Floor Plan simulates wireless coverage of each wireless access point, to determine the best position for each VigorAP within that floor plan.

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