HVE290 HDMI-over-IP Converter

  • HDMI-over-IP Extender
  • Companion Device for VigorSwitch V1281
  • Video Performance:
    • Full HD, up to 1080P
    • Up to 36-bit Deep Colour
    • HDCP Passthrough & HDMI 1.3
    • Upscaling/Downscaling (auto or manual)
  • Audio Compatibility:
    • Mono & Stereo PCM
    • Dolby Surround 5.1/7.1
    • Dolby TrueHD
    • DTS
  • One-to-one or one-to-many (sender-to-receiver)
    (One-to-many requires VigorSwitch V1281)
  • Infrared Remote Control signals sent back to source
  • 2-Year DrayTek UK warranty
  • UK Power Adaptor (BS1362 compliant)
  • CE, ROHS & WEEE certified/compliant
  • Dimensions: Length:95mm, Width:75mm, Height:30mm

DrayTek HVE290 - HDMI-over-IP Extender

The DrayTek HVE290 takes an HDMI input from your video device (Satellite Receiver, DVD/Blu-Ray player, Cable TV box etc.) and converts it into an IP signal on standard CAT5e/CAT6 cable which can then be distributed by DrayTek's VigorSwitch V1281. Ports on the VigorSwitch 1281 not used for video can be used for normal data networking.  

The HVE290 comes as a pair (sender and receiver) although additional receiver units are available separately too. The sender unit connects to your video source (HDMI) and to the VigorSwitch V1281 (RJ45 sockets). The receiver unit connects back to your VigorSwitch 1281 and outputs to your TV, screen or projector's HDMI input, elsewhere in your building.

The HVE290 uses a video codec designed to balance bandwidth conservation with frame rate - i.e. to reduce dropping frames in fast-moving scenes which can cause 'jerkiness', particularly on larger screens or projectors in 'panning shots'.  The HVE290 also provides up to full HD with up to 36-bit colour to ensure you get great resolution and picture fidelity, even on a large screen and can transmit regular PCM Stereo, Dolby surround or DTS sources to the receivers.   The HVE290 can also downscale or upscale when you're using a one-to-many configuration with screens of different resolutions (e.g. transmit a 1080P picture and display it on a 720P and 1080P screen simultaneously). Maximum performance will depend on each of these factors (max resolution, colour depth, frame rate etc.) as they each add additional data overhead, as well as available Ethernet bandwidth (only an issue on a very congested switch).

DrayTek HVE290 Sockets (Sender and Receiver)

The image above shows the sockets on the receiver and sender units.  The RJ45 (network) socket is on the other side of both units, as shown. Individual receiver units are also available separately which is useful if you have different numbers of sources and outputs (screens), e.g. 3 sources but 8 outputs (screens) when you're using a VigorSwitch V1281 (available separately).  Do not connect the HVE290 to a regular switch which cannot switch/segment signals and seperate it from LAN/Internet data.

Is the HVE290 a balun?

Devices like this - or any device which is apparently converting between different cable media are sometimes, incorrectly called 'baluns' (mostly by old-school TV/CCTV specialists!). A balun is a passive all-analogue device for converting from a balanced to an unbalanced signal (and back again at the other end), usually across a different intermediary medium.  The HVE290 is none of those - it's a fully digital active device. It's not a balun.

HVE290  Sender Unit connected to Satellite TV receiver and VigorSwitch V1281.  In this scenario, you'll probably also want to use an IR 'eye' pair (not shown) to send remote control signals back to the Satellite receiver from the output locations (screens).

HVE290 Receiver unit connected to a TV. The green CAT5e cable will go through your building's cabling back to the VigorSwitch V1281 (or directly into an HVE300 sender unit).

You will be able to control your source device from the screens around your building using the original Infra-red remote control if you fit the IR 'eyes' (receiver and emitter) pairs onto the HVE sender and receiver units. The IR addons may be included with your unit, depending on which model you purchase.

Each unit needs power, either from the AC/DC power supply (included) or if you have many sender units, you may prefer a multi-outlet USB power supply (of adequate power/Amps). USB DC cables are available as an optional accessory.  It is very convenient to power the receiver directly from the TV's USB port however many TVs do not provide sufficient power (some larger ones do).

Our online support guides in our knowledgebase provide more setup information on using IR extenders and USB Power.

Above: Accessories. The USB DC cable is an optional extra.

Direct Connection (no Switch)

As well as connecting the HVE290 through the VigorSwitch V1281, with multiple senders and receivers, you can also use the units as lone pairs, connected directly, sender to receiver:

Without the VigorSwitch V1281, you can connect the units directly to each other using a CAT5e cable of up to 170 metres, far exceeding HDMI cable limits. CAT5e or CAT6 is also lower cost and easier to terminate than HDMI and often part of an existing structured cable installation.

DrayTek VigorSwitch V1281

The DrayTek VigorSwitch V1281 (sold separately) has 27 ports which can be used for HVE290 senders or receivers, so you can have any combination of source devices or TV outputs and any of the screens can select any of the inputs using the smartphone app.  See the VigorSwitch V1281's own product page for full details.

HVE290 Ordering Codes

EAN (UK) Part Code Product Description
0608603169461 HVE290-K DrayTek HVE290 Set (Sender & Receiver)
0608603169485 HVE290RX-K DrayTek HVE290 Extra Receiver Unit (inc. PSU)
0608603169478 HVUSB1 USB Power cable for HVE290 (single)
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 Specification subject to change.