VigorACS 3 Hotspot

Centralised Hotspot Solution

2 Types of DrayTek Hotspot Solution

Distributed Hotspot Server

Each router is its own hotspot server

Centralised Hotspot Server

All routers redirect hotspot queries to the central server

 Distributed Hotspot ServerCentralised Hotspot Server
Recommended for Small business with single or a few locations. SMB/SME with several locations.
Clients Login Methods Skip Login, Click Through, Social Media Login,
SMS PIN, Voucher PIN, RADIUS Account.
Click Through, Social Media Login, Leave Your Info, RADIUS Account.
Quota Management Yes, with time limit, device limit, bandwidth limit, and session limit.
Customizable Splash Page Templates make the creation of splash page simple and easy. Advanced and with more flexibility.
Live preview lets you instantly see the changes of your splash page.
Multilingual No, single language only. Yes, upload language translation file for multilingual.
Provisioning Configurations are made on each router Web UI, no provisioning needed. Profiles made on ACS server, and provisioned to all routers.
User Information and Analytics Basic user information can be stored in the USB drive attached to the router,
no analytics.
ACS 3 provides analytics dashboard,
gathering and analysing the hotspot data for you to get insights
about your hotspot guests and the busy routers in your network.
Cost Lower Higher (for cloud infrastructure and Vigor Router license)

Centralised Hotspot Components

In each branch office:

1. Just a Vigor Router!
  • Hotspot functionality supported
  • The router should work as the Internet gateway for LAN clients
  • Register the router to VigorACS 3 server

In the headquarters/data center:

1. VigorACS 3 Server
  • For managing your branch routers in different locations
  • Setup a hotspot profile, then provision to your branch routers
2. RADIUS Server
  • For guests authentication
  • Suggested RADIUS server type: FreeRADIUS

A Variety of Login Methods

DrayTek hotspot supports different login methods to meet your business's requirements:


Click Through


Social Media


RADIUS Account


Leave Your Info

Robust Splash Page Editor

Easily create an splash page that meets your brand’s need. Unified splash page helps advertising your brand whenever your guests login at any of your branches.



Intuitive and easy setup


Customizable Components

Make it yours


Live Preview

See your design immediately


Responsive Web Design

Fits all size of screens

Wi-Fi Marketing

Terms and Conditions

Customize your own policy for visitors to use your Wi-Fi service and ask them to agree by clicking-through.


Elaborate how you will use your customers’ personal data on marketing.


Checkboxes can be set as mandatory or optional to gain Internet access.

Speak Your Guests’ Language

Multilingual with 20 languages supported.
  • English (UK)
  • Arabic
  • Chinese (simplified)
  • Chinese (traditional)
  • Dutch
  • English (US)
  • French
  • German
  • Hungarian
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Turkish
  • Ukraine
  • Vietnamese
Language Translation Made Easy

Download language template, translate, and upload.

How Much Can Your Guests Use?

Time Limit

Define when to disconnect the clients. It can be when their time’s up or when the client is idle for a while.

Device Limit

Define how many devices can an account connect to the hotspot with, and when can an account reconnect to the same hotspot.
(The “account” type depends on login method ,may be a PIN code, a social media account, or a device MAC.)

Bandwidth & Session Limit

Define how much can your guests use, including the download/upload limit and session limit.

Hotspot Profile Provisioning

Provision hotspot settings and user quota limit to all branches:

Network Analytics Made Easy

Provides network insights about hotspot routers ranking and clients over a specified period.

Know More About Your Guests

Provides client insights about login methods, login devices, connecting hotspot, and login history.