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Setting up WAN Internet Access for Ethernet WAN

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Setting up WAN Internet Access for Ethernet WAN

This setup guide demonstrates how to configure a DrayTek Vigor router's Ethernet WAN interface(s) to connect to an Ethernet based Internet connection, which may be provided through an ISP supplied modem or another router. The DrayTek router shown is the Vigor 2862, with WAN2 as its Ethernet WAN interface.

The Internet connection that the DrayTek router will be connecting to, for instance a cable modem, should provide either a DHCP or Static IP based IP connection.

If your Internet connection requires a Username and Password to connect to the Internet (PPP over Ethernet or "PPPoE"), please follow this guide instead.


Most Ethernet based Internet connections will provide the router's IP automatically through DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), however, if the Internet connection uses a fixed IP address, make sure to have these details available before proceeding:

IP Address The DrayTek router's WAN IP address
Subnet Mask The range of IP addresses that the DrayTek router and the Gateway will be communicating within
Gateway Address The router's "next hop" to the wider Internet

Step 1 - Connect Ethernet cable and access router configuration

Connect the WAN port of the DrayTek Vigor router to your Ethernet Internet source with an RJ-45 Ethernet cable (either a "patch" or "cross-over" lead, the port is auto-sensing of which type of cable is used).

Access the DrayTek Vigor router's web interface, more information. The router's default IP address is, we recommend to connect using https where possible:

The router will prompt for a username and password to access the web configuration interface. By default, the username is "admin" and the password is also "admin". We recommend to change the router's password as soon as possible; more information.

Step 2 - Check WAN2 Settings

In the router's web configuration interface, go to [WAN] > [General Setup] and click the link for WAN2:

On the WAN2 General Setup page, the settings should match the configuration displayed below, with no VLAN tag configured and the Active Mode set to "Always On":

If these settings already match those shown above, move on to the next step without clicking OK.

VLAN Settings - If your Internet provider has specified that a VLAN tag is required for Internet connectivity, check whether the DrayTek router needs to supply this or the ISP's modem / equipment already adds that VLAN tag. If the DrayTek router does need to provide a VLAN tag, enable the Service - VLAN Tag insertion and set the required Tag value.

If changing settings on this page, click OK to save the changes, which will prompt to restart the router to apply the change.

Step 3 - Configure the WAN2 Interface

Go to [WAN] > [Internet Access]:

  1. Set the Access Mode of WAN2 to Static or Dynamic IP
  2. Click the Details Page button for WAN2 to change the settings for that connection type:

This will display the settings for the WAN2 interface's Static or Dynamic IP mode, configure these settings as required for your Internet connection.

  • If you have a Static IP address, with Subnet Mask and Gateway details, configure the router for a Static IP.
  • If you do not know these details or they are not required for your Internet connection, configure the router for a Dynamic IP (DHCP).
  • Dynamic IP (DHCP)

    To configure the router to receive its IP address automatically, select Enable and select the Obtain IP address automatically setting:

    DNS Server IP address

    The DrayTek router has the Google public DNS servers configured as a default ( and Change these to your ISP's DNS servers or other preferred DNS servers as required.

    Optional - MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit)

    The MTU default setting is 1442, which will work with most connection types. Increasing this up to 1500 may increase Internet connection speeds, however an MTU value that is larger than the Internet connection can use may result in problems with accessing some web sites. This guide details how to use the Path MTU Discovery feature to detect the correct MTU value for your Internet connection.

    Click OK to save and apply the changes, which will prompt to restart the router:

    Click OK to continue and the router will reboot:

    Step 4 - Check Connectivity

    Once the router has restarted, access the web interface and go to [Online Status] > [Physical Connection]

    The WAN2 interface will attempt to connect. If the WAN Status text is displayed in red for the WAN interface just configured, the connection is not yet active or has been unable to establish a connection.

    When the text is displayed in green and the Up Time begins counting, the Internet connection is active and can be used by connected computers and devices.

    If the Internet connection does not work, check that the device that the DrayTek router's WAN port is connected to has Internet connectivity, by connecting a computer directly to that device. Alternatively, you can configure the DrayTek router to check for Internet connectivity itself using the Ping Detect - WAN Connection Detection setting.

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    From: Luke

    Here is the additional information to share with Virgin customers about the limitations to the modem mode option, and when it can or cannot be used.

    Home Fibre customers– all packages usually come with a Dynamic IP. Modem mode supported.

    Business Fibre – there are 4 options:
    Voom 1. Dynamic IP only. Static IP not supported.
    Modem mode supported.

    Voom 2. Dynamic IP or one static IP.
    Modem mode not available for a single static IP option. It works fine with a dynamic IP.

    Voom 3, and Voom 500 come with a dynamic IP, single static IP, or a range if IPs (5).
    Modem mode works only with the 5 IP addresses or dynamic IP. It is not available for a single static IP address option.