Please  be  advised  that  there  is  new  firmware available for your product. We have applied  the improvement to most DrayTek routers and our wireless access points.  This firmware is designated 'critical' (see below) so you should update your product and those of your clients (or let them know) as soon as possible.

A 'critical' update is one which includes one or more security improvements relating to product operation or an industry standard protocol. You should update at your earliest opportunity, 'Critical' is our second level of firmware priority (1 is 'Emergency' and 3 is 'Update when convenient') so whilst this update does not relate to a known 'in-the-wild' or WAN-side vulnerability, you should still upgrade your product as soon as possible. 

How to Upgrade
Download your new firmware from this web page (for UK/Ireland users only). Once you have the appropriate firmware file for your product, you can upgrade  from  the  'system  maintenance'  menu  in the web interface - but do always take a configuration backup first (from that same menu).  Remember that the firmware  .ALL file will upgrade the firmware only but the .RST file will upgrade firmware and wipe out all settings back to factory defaults so always use the .ALL file unless you really want to wipe out all settings.

If you use DrayTek's ACS-SI management platform, you can use that to roll out the new firmware to all products en-masse.

Further Information
If  you  have  questions  about  how  to upgrade your products, please contact our support department by clicking here  (UK/Ireland only) - please do not reply to this email as we cannot provide support or further info from this email address.  Although no further information is available on the improvements currently, once there are further updates, they will appear on this page.

Always keep firmware up to date
We  would  also take this opportunity to remind you that they should have a regular program of checking and updating product firmware even when there isn't a specific announcement like this one.  This ensures that you have the latest features, improvements but also security improvements to help product security in a  continuously evolving threat landscape.  Even if the latest firmware is not critical it may include improvements from an earlier release which was critical, so do always keep up to date. 

General Security Advice
Download and read the 2017 edition of our Router Security Guide. This is essential reading for any router owner (regardless of brand).

Is this email legitimate?
It's a sensible question; one should should always check before acting on an unexpected email with links to domains you might not recognise ('drayteknews' is only used for emails and hotlinks get changed by the mail provider, so to reassure you, a copy of this email has also been posted to - that's deliberately not a hotlink - just type it into your browser manually.

With best regards,

DrayTek Technical Team


Appendix - Latest Firmware Versions

ModelLatest Firmware
Vigor 120
Vigor 120 v2 3.2.8
Vigor 130 3.8.0BT
VigorNIC 132 3.8.0BT
Vigor 2110 series
Vigor 2710 series
Vigor 2760 series
Vigor 2820 series
Vigor 2830 db series
Vigor 2830 sb series
Vigor 2830v2 series
Vigor 2832 series
Vigor 2850 series
Vigor 2860 series
Vigor 2910 series
Vigor 2920 series
Vigor 2925 series
Vigor 2930 series
Vigor 2950 series
Vigor 2952 series
Vigor 2955
Vigor 2960 1.2.1
Vigor 3200 series
Vigor 3220 3.8.4
Vigor 3900 1.2.2
Vigor AP-700 1.15
Vigor AP-700 v2 1.08
Vigor AP-710 1.2.0
Vigor AP-800
Vigor AP-810 1.2.0
Vigor AP-900 1.2.0
Vigor AP-902 1.2.0
Vigor AP-910C 1.2.0
VigorBX 2000
Vigor IPPBX 2820
Vigor IPPBX 3510