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Vigor ACS SI
  • Supports TR-069 protocol
  • Status Monitoring
  • Unlimited Network Level to Group CPEs
  • VPN Wizard for easy configuration
  • LAN/WAN Traffic Reporting
  • Advance features for Firmware Management
  • Alarms and alerts notification
  • System logs
  • Security and User Group Access Management.

TR-069 WAN Management

  • CPE WAN Management
  • Support standard XML based encoding
  • TLS Security Protocol
  • TCPIP Communications
  • File Transfer for firmware upgrades
  • CPE inform notifications

DrayTek ACS-SI - Central Management

DrayTek ACS-SI - Central Management

Vigor ACS-SI Edition is a Central Management System (CMS). It supports all current DrayTek routers and firewalls, providing System Integrators or system administration personnel a real-time integrated monitoring, configuration and management platform.

At a glance, you can see the status and activity of any DrayTek router anywhere on the Internet, as well as receive alerts if a device has gone offline or any other alarm conditions selected. VPN status and setup is also simplified within ACS-SI with a simple drag-and-drop system between routers.

ACS-SI allows mass firmware-upgrades of router estates or global configuration changes, easy access to any router's configuration and if you are setting up or managing VPN connections, ACS-SI is particularly useful with its drag-and-drop VPN tunnel creation - just drag a link from one node to another on the ACS-SI map and the VPN profiles on both devices can be automatically created. Real-time and periodic (daily/weekly/monthly) reports enable you to know traffic volumes and activity at all sites.

ACS control panel

ACS Features



Device tab allows you to see your estate of DrayTek Routers, Firewalls and APs with on line off line indication. The routers name is definable and the network it belongs to.

  • On line / Off Line device Monitoring
  • Off line alerts and notifications
  • VPN off line alerts
  • Monitor Aps

Device Location

  • Google Map interface to show location of device


  • Backup/Restore device configs
  • Firmware Upgrade
  • Reboot schedules


  • LAN/WAN Traffic Reports
  • Firmware version on all your routers
  • IP addresses LAN/WAN
  • Export reports to Excel


  • Backup/Restore
  • Firmware Upgrade
  • Global Parameter roll out
  • XML configuration provisioning


  • Node information And quick Firmware version on all your routers
  • IP addresses LAN/WAN
  • Export reports to Excel

Subscription - Self-Hosted or Cloud-Based

Vigor ACS is available to DrayTek dealers or Enterprise customers with larger estates of DrayTek routers. The ACS-SI software is provided either as an annual subscription to run on our own hardware or as a hosted service (SaaS / Cloud), which is ideal for smaller estates of routers or where you can't run your own server hardware. Upgrades to the software, including the latest features or improvements are included within the subscription.


For the self-hosted version, the minimum licence is for 50 nodes (CPE/routers) then in increments of 50. The 'price per node' decreases according to the number of nodes licensed. A DrayTek dealer can host multiple customers on the same ACS-SI server, and charge the customer for each node, as long as you have enough nodes to cover all devices; there is no minimum number of nodes for each customer account (e.g. with a 50 node ACS-SI licence, you could have 50 customers with one node each!). Each customer's account is completely separated so that each can access the server within their own isolated account, or the dealer may provide all monitoring/management themselves without the customer (end user) needing to log in at all.


Instead of running your own server, DrayTek's ACS_SI server provides you a cloud-based solution. You can subscribe from 5 nodes upwards (each node costs just pennies per day). For further details of the cloud-based service, click here.

CPE (Router) Compatibility

ACS-SI supports all current DrayTek router model series including Vigor 2760, 2925, 2830, 2860, 2960, 2960 and 3900. For compatibility with older or other series or DrayTek products, please check with us.

For further enquiries about ACS-SI, please email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.