Please check very carefully that you download the firmware that matches your exact router model name.

In newer models, you can upgrade from the router's own web interface (System Maintenance -> Firmware Upgrade). For older models, the firmware utility is contained within the Router Tools (downloadable at the foot of this page). Firmware is normally supplied in two different styles: The ALL file will just upgrade the firmware, whereas the RST file will upgrade the firmware and wipe all settings back to factory defaults.

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Latest Products
Router Model UK Firmware
Vigor 2830
Vigor 2830n-Plus
Vigor 2830n (Dual-Band)
Vigor 2830Vn-Plus
Vigor 2830Vn (Dual-Band)
Note SSL VPN info relating to 443 port redirections here
Vigor 2830
Vigor 2830n (Single-Band)
Vigor 2830Vn (Single-Band)


Vigor 2830n v2

Vigor 2832
Vigor 2832n

Note SSL VPN info relating to 443 port redirections here

Vigor 2860
Vigor 2860n
Vigor 2860Vn
Vigor 2860n-Plus
Vigor 2860Vn-Plus
Vigor 2860ac
Vigor 2860Vac
Vigor 2860L
Vigor 2860Ln

Vigor 2925
Vigor 2925n
Vigor 2925n-Plus
Vigor 2925Vn-Plus
Vigor 2925ac
Vigor 2925Vac

Vigor 2952
Vigor 2960

Vigor 2760
Vigor 2760n
Vigor 2760Vn

DrayOS Version

This firmware is only suitable for Vigor 2760 models currently/already running 3.x.x firmware versions (aka 'DrayOS/Delight'). It is not compatible or suitable for Vigor 2760 models running firmware 1.x.x.

Vigor 3220
Vigor 3900
Vigor 120 v2
Vigor 130
Vigor AP-710
Vigor AP-810
Vigor AP-900
VigorAP 902
Vigor AP-910C
VigorBX 2000
VigorBX 2000ac
IP PBX Voice Prompt Utility
DrayTek Softphone
VigorSwitch P2261
VigorSwitch G2260
Legacy Products
Router Model UK Firmware
Vigor 100
Vigor 110
Vigor 120 v1
Vigor 2000
Vigor 2100V
Vigor 2100VG
Vigor 2104P
Vigor 2110n
Vigor 2110Vn
Vigor 2200
Vigor 2200E
Vigor 2200X
Vigor 2200W
Vigor 2200USB
Vigor 2200We
Vigor 2200WPlus
Vigor 2130n
Vigor 2300
Vigor 2500
Vigor 2500V
Vigor 2600
Vigor 2600We
Vigor 2600W
Vigor 2600X
Vigor 2600Plus
Vigor 2600G
Vigor 2600i
Vigor 2600Gi
Vigor 2600V
Vigor 2600VG
Vigor 2600VGi
Vigor 2700
Vigor 2700G
Vigor 2700V
Vigor 2700VG
Vigor 2710
Vigor 2710n
Vigor 2710Vn
Vigor 2750n
Vigor 2750Vn

Vigor 2760
Vigor 2760n
Vigor 2760Vn

Standard Version

This firmware is only suitable for Vigor 2760 models currently running 1.x.x firmware versions. If you have a model with firmware 1.x.x download this firmware.

Vigor 2800
Vigor 2800G
Vigor 2800V
Vigor 2800VG
Vigor 2800i
Vigor 2800Gi
Vigor 2800VGi
Vigor 2820
Vigor 2820n
Vigor 2820Vn
Vigor 2820VSn
Note SSL VPN info relating to 443 port redirections here
Vigor 2850
Vigor 2850n
Vigor 2850Vn
Vigor 2900V
Vigor 2900VG
Vigor 2900
Vigor 2900G
Vigor 2900i
Vigor 2900Gi
Vigor 2910
Vigor 2910G
Vigor 2910VG
Vigor 2910VGi
Vigor 2920
Vigor 2920n
Vigor 2920Vn
Vigor 2930
Vigor 2930VS
Vigor 2930Vn
Vigor 2950
Vigor 2955
Vigor 3100
Vigor 3200
Vigor 3300V
Vigor 3300Vplus
Vigor AP-700

Default password for AP-700 V2 is now '1234'.

Vigor AP-800
VigorIPPBX 3510
VigorIPPBX 2820
VigorIPPBX 2820n

If upgrading from 3.5.6 or earlier do not upgrade using the Web UI. Upgrade must be done using the router tools firmware upgrade utility.

VigorPhone 350
VigorPro 5510

Router Tools


Other Drivers/Firmware/Utilities