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Vigor NIC132
Product Code/EAN Description
VNIC132-K / 4716779079982 VigorNIC 132 (UK/IE)
  • ADSL/VDSL Firewall Router
  • PCI Express (PCIe x1) Card
  • Full-Height and Half-Height brackets included
  • Router Mode or Transparent Bridge
  • Complete Stateful firewall
  • Dual WAN Connectivity:
    • VDSL2 / ADSL2+ RJ-11 or
    • Gigabit Ethernet RJ-45
  • Failover/Backup between WAN interfaces
  • OS Support:
    • Windows: 7, 8, 8.1, 10
    • Linux: Redhat, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, Debian
  • Ideal for:
    • Direct Server connectivity to DSL/Fibre
    • Secondary/failover WAN access
    • Connectivity for DSL to software/OS based firewalls/router
  • IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack

VigorNIC 132 VDSL/ADSL Router Firewall Card

New : September 2016

The VigorNIC 132 is a full function DSL router firewall on a PCI express for inserting directly inside your server or PC. The use of a PCI card reduces your rackspace footprint, cabling and power consumption.   The VigorNIC132 is ideal for single servers, IP PBX applications or any other application where your server needs direct WAN access.  As a router, it includes firewall facilities with stateful connectivity and  NAT or fully routed mode can be used.  IPv6 is also supported.

Failover / Backup Applications

The VigorNIC 132 can be used as a backup WAN connectivity method so that if all of your other WAN connectivity has failed - switches, cabling, power, anywhere else on your network, the VigorNIC 132 can access the Internet/WAN via a completely independent route - a direct DSL or fibre line, instead of via its regular Ethernet port/network. You can set it so that WAN1 or WAN2 is primary, with the secondary activating only when the primary fails.

VigorNIC132F - with optional SFP Port
(Special Order/Project only)

VigorNIC 132 Half-height bracket
The VigorNIC includes full and half-height brackets
to fit regular or small form factor cases.

Use in Software-based Firewalls

A third possible application is using the VigorNIC 132 as a modem in a PC/host which is acting as your network router - a software based router, such as PFSense, Smoothwall, Shorewall, Opensense, IPFire, IPCop, IPTables (Netfilter), VyOs etc. (all assuming running on a compatible O/S).

Hardware Interfaces & Operating Modes

The VigorNIC 132 is equipped with an RJ-11 DSL port compatible with VDSL2 and ADSL2+ circuits and also an RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet socket (1000BaseT) providing connectivity to any Ethernet feed. Three LEDs on the back plate indicate status or a fully comprehensive web interface provides the familiar DrayOS user interface for setup and status. An optional version, available to special order (pictured, right) has an SFP slot instead of RJ-45 Ethernet.

The VigorNIC 132 can act as a modem, in bridged mode, passing your DSL connectivity straight through to the host server/PC but it is also a fully functioning router. In router mode, it provides IPv4 NAT or routed subnets, IPv6 and an object-based firewall. The built-in web interface and O/S is based on our DrayOS operating system so will be familar and intuitive to existing DrayTek users.  The VigorNIC 132 is also low on power consumption - just 6 watts - especially important when it is being used for emergency/failover functions when you might be operating on UPS or limited power.

VigorNIC 132 Datasheet (PDF)

VigorNIC 132 VDSL/ADSL Router on a PCIe Card - Technical Specification

  • Physical Interfaces/controls:
      • Host Interface: 1 x PCI express 1.1 Bus
      • WAN Interfaces:
        • WAN1 : 1 X RJ-11 (VDSL2/ADSL2+)
        • WAN2 : 1 X RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet
        • Optional Version for project use : WAN2 as SFP Slot
      • 1 X Reset Switch
    • ADSL/VDSL Compliance:
      • ITU-T VDSL2 G.993.2
      • ITU-T G.vectoring
      • Auto Fall back to ADSL2/2+
      • VDSL Band Plan: 997, 998
      • VDSL2 Profile: 8a, 8b, 8c, 8d, 12a, 12b, 17a
      • Annex A, Annex B, Annex M, Annex J
      • ANSI T1.413 Issue2
      • ITU-T G.992.5 ADSL2+
      • Loop diagnostic mode
      • Annex A (POTS)
    • WAN Protocols:
      • Static IP
      • DHCP Client
      • PPPoE
      • PPPoA (ADSL only)
      • MPoA (RFC1483/2684)
      • 802.1q VLAN Tagging
      • Multi-PVC (Up to 5)
      • TR-069 Management
      • Firewall/NAT:
        • DMZ Host, Port-redirection and Open Ports
        • MAC Address Filter
        • SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection)
        • DoS/DDoS Prevention
        • E-mail Alert and Logging via Syslog
        • Time Schedule Control
        • VPN Pass-through (IPsec, PPTP, L2TP)
    • Firewall/Bridge Performance: Up to 250Mb/s throughput max.
    • URL Content Filter:
      • URL Keyword Filter (White List and Black List)
      • Content Type Blocking: Java Applet, Cookies, Active X, Compressed, Executable, Multimedia File Blocking
      • Categoric Web Site Filtering (Cyren)
    • Network Features:
      • Router/Bridge Configurable
      • IGMP Proxy V2/V3
      • DHCP Client/Relay/Server
      • UPnP 100 Sessions
      • DNS Cache/Proxy
      • Dynamic DNS
      • NTP Client
      • Static Routes
      • RIP v1/v2
    • Management:
      • Web-based User Interface (HTTP/HTTPs)
      • CLI (Command Line Interface, Telnet/SSH)
      • Administration Access Control
      • Configuration Backup/Restore
      • Built-in Diagnostic Function
      • Firmware Upgrade via TFTP/FTP/WUI/TR-069
      • Logging via Syslog
      • TR-069 Compliance with DrayTek's ACS-SI Management Platform
      • SNMP v1/v2c
    • OS Support:
      • Windows: 7,8,10
      • Linux: Redhat, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, Debian (32/64bit)
    • Warranty : Two (2) Years RTB