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Vigor 2750 Series
  • Broadband Router/Firewall for VDSL / VDS2
  • Compatible with BT Infinity™ service (up to 80Mb/s)
  • 3G Backup (can be used if VDSL is down)
    using compatible 3G USB dongle
  • Direct connection to BT Infinity™ FTTC Service
  • 4-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch
  • IPv6 & IPv4 Support
  • WiFi - 802.11n Wireless LAN ('n' models)
  • NAS Facility - Add a USB memory key for shared
    LAN storage/access
  • Twin-VoIP Phone Ports (Vigor275Vn only)
  • Wireless On/Off & WPS Buttons
  • WMM - WiFi multimedia
  • Dial-Out VPN Facilities
This product has been discontinued. Please look at the Vigor 2760 instead.

Vigor 2750 Series Router/Firewall

The DrayTek Vigor 2750 VDSL Series routers are intended for the new generation of VDSL (FTTC / BT Infinity) services. It is an ideal router firewall for SoHo users wanting high speed access with control and a wealth of other usability features.

  • VDSL2 WAN Port (RJ11)
  • Firewall (WAN) throughput up to 100Mb/s
  • Support for IPv6 and IPv4 Networks
  • 4-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch
  • Bandwidth/session control (prevent specific PCs from using too much)
  • Web URL Blocking (block access to specific sites))
  • Username/Password controlled access
  • Support for 15,000 simultaneous NAT sessions
  • 802.11n WiFi (V2750n)
  • Twin VoIP Phone ports (V2750Vn only)

Vigor 2750 Schematic
Vigor 2750n Connection Schematic
(exact connectivity/facilities vary by model)

Network Attached Storage (NAS)

The Vigor 2750 Series's USB port can also be used to add storage memory to the unit in the form of a USB memory key or for higher capacity a USB hard drive (which may require its own power). The Vigor 2750 then provides access to this memory by FTP from the WAN (remote Internet users) or users on your own LAN. You can also access the USB drive as a drive from Windows (using Samba technology) so that it can easily be accessed by your LAN users. Access can be 'public' or using usernames and passwords, each of which can have their own directories and/or file access rights. As well as FTP, file sharing is available as a Windows 'network drive'. Using Internet Explorer, you can access, read and write the contents of the USB drive.

Vigor 2750 NAS with USB Memory

The NAS facility on the Vigor 2750 uses any FAT16, FAT32 or NTFS formatted device (includes USB memory sticks, USB hard drives etc.)

iTunes™ and DNLA Server

For even more media sharing, NAS on the Vigor 2750 supports a built-in iTunes server; this means that media files (movies and music) stores on the router's memory can be accessed by iTunes, installed on any of your network's computers. Similarly, a DNLA server is also supported. DNLA (Digital Living Network Alliance) is a technology supported by many electronics companies to make the sharing of media files across a network easier, including TVs, DVD/PVR products, games consoles and handheld devices.

Vigor 2750 Series Specification

  • VDSL Standard Support:
    • ITU-T VDSL2 G.993.2
    • ITU-T G.993.1, G.997.1
    • Band Plan: G.998, G.997
    • Annex A, Annex B, Annex C
    • VDSL2 Profile: 8a, 8b, 8c, 8d, 12a, 12b, 17a, 30a
    • OLR Supported
    • UPBO, DPBO Supported
    • US0 Supported
    • Loop Diagnostic Mode
    • Configurable SNR, INP, Rate Limit
  • IPV6 support:
  • 4-Port Gigabit Ethernet LAN Switch
  • Universal Plug'n'Play (uPnP) support
  • SNMP Reporting Facilities
  • Firewall Facilities:
    • DMZ Host, Open Port, Port-redirection
    • ACL (Access Control List)
    • MAC Address Filter
    • SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection)
    • DoS / DDoS Prevention
    • IP Address Anti-spoofing
  • VPN Facilities (Dial-Out):
    • Create up to two dial-out VPN tunnels to remote hosts
    • Support for L2TP & IPSec with Pre-shared key
    • 3DES & AES Encryption
    • SHA-1 and MD5 integrity algorhythms
    • VPN Passthrough for VPN client/server running behind the router
  • Wireless LAN Features ('n' Models only)
    • 802.11n Compliant
    • WiFi Certified
    • 802.11b & 802.11g Compatibility
    • WEP & WPA Wireless Security & Encryption
    • WDS - Wireless Distribution System for expanding wireless networks
    • WPS - WiFi Protected Setup
  • VoIP ('Vn' Model only)
    • Two independent analogue phone ports
    • SIP Compliant - compatible with ITSPs (e.g. DrayTEL)
    • Up to 6 simultaneous SIP Registrars
    • Internal Phone book
    • Digit Map (Routing rules/LCR)
  • Built-in Ethernet switch featuring :
    • Four Gigabit (10/100/1000Mb/s) auto-selecting (IEEE802.3) ports
    • Automatic selection full/half duplex & straight/uplink modes
    • Dual-colour LED for each port to indicate operating speed
    • Port-Based VLAN
  • NAT (IPv4) featuring:
  • DHCP Server - User configurable
  • Easy to use Web-based User Interface, management with optional IP address restriction.
  • Management Logging/Monitoring via :
    • Syslog (also with Web Viewer)
    • Web (Browser) based interface
    • Telnet Interface
  • Flash-Upgradable memory for firmware upgrades/enhancements
  • Support for Class C LAN (up to 253 local users)
  • Physical Characteristics:
    • Flash Upgradable firmware
    • Dimensions (mm) :
    • Weight : grams approx
    • Maximum Power Consumption : approx
  • Supported O/S : Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Linux & MacOS8/9/X
  • Warranty : Two (2) year manufacturer's RTB warranty
  • Box contents : Router, UK PSU, Ethernet cable (1.8M), ADSL RJ11 Line cable (1.8M), Quickstart manual, Utility & Documentation CD-ROM, Wall-mounting screws, Aerial (Wireless models only)

Wireless LAN Adaptors

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Directional and Higher-Gain Aerials

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