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Configuring Incoming numbers with DrayTEL

Vigor IPPBX 2820
Vigor IPPBX 3510
Incoming Numbers

DrayTEL offer SIP Accounts that can be used with the VigorIPPBX. The account may have multiple incoming numbers allocated to it and the routing of an incoming number into the Vigor IPPBX is controlled by both the configuration on the DrayTEL control panel and the configuration in the VigorIPPBX. This guide explains the different options available on the DrayTEL control panel and how they relate to the configuration for incoming numbers of the VigorIPPBX.

Incoming Numbers

On the DrayTEL control panel there is an incoming numbers section where all the incoming numbers linked to the DrayTEL account are listed. In this section the routing for each incoming number can be controlled. This allow control over which DrayTEL account the number routes to (in some circumstances there might be multiple DrayTEL accounts) and how the call is delivered to that account.


There are two routing options "Route to SIP Account" or "Route to SIP PBX" and the selection controls how the VigorIPPBX receives the call.

Route to SIP Account: This will make the call come into the SIP Trunk based on the SIP account so the routing will be determined by the Answer Mode set in the SIP Trunk profile. No identifying information will be passed to the PBX regarding which number was called, from the VigroIPPBX point of view it will just look like a call to the DrayTEL account ID.

Route to SIP PBX: This will make the call come into the SIP Alias and will present the number dialled rather than the SIP Account that the number is linked to. To accept the call the VigorIPPBX must be configured with a SIP Alias there the Alias number exactly matches the format presented. For DrayTEL the format is the full number with the single leading 0 with no spaces.  Other SIP providers might include country codes and the format could be checked by making an incoming call attempt and then checking 'voip debug show -w' via the CLI.

The most common configuration that's used is the "Route to SIP PBX" option as this gives per number control over where the calls are routed internally.

On the VigorIPPBX the routing for Route to SIP PBX can be controlled via [IPPBX]> [SIP Alias] as shown in the screen shot below:


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