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Setting up ADSL Internet Access with KC (Kingston Communications)

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Setting up ADSL Internet Access with KC (Kingston Communications)

KC use different ADSL settings to BT. DrayTek routers are pre-configured with the ADSL settings which BT use but it's straight forward to change the settings so that the router can be used with KC. If your ISP is BT, please read this guide.

The instructions below explain how to setup a DrayTek router with KC (Kingston Communication / KCOM)

Accessing the router's GUI

The PC should be connected to one of the LAN ports on the router. Wireless could also be used, in which case the PC should be connected to the router's SSID ('DrayTek') already; the WPA2 password is printed on the underside of the router.


Open a web browser on the PC and type (default IP address of the DrayTek router)


The following prompt will ask for the router’s username and password. The default is “admin/admin” for Username/Password (The password should be changed at the earliest opportunity, from the system maintenance menu). Click Login to open the web user interface (WUI).



Configuring WAN1

From the main menu (left hand side), Select [WAN] > [Internet Access] as shown below:


Click the Details Page button for WAN1.

The settings required by the KC Internet UK are as follows:

VCI 50
Encapsulation PPPoA
Multiplexing LLC
Modulation G.DMT (Multimode)
Authentication CHAP
MTU 1492


Please note that the VPI should be set to 1, VCI 50, Encapsulating Type LLC/SNAP, and the MTA set to 1492.

Enter the ISP’s name and username/password in the boxes shown at the top right of the above image. If present, Service Name box should be left blank.


Hit OK to save the configuration. The router will restart to activate the settings and you should then be online to the Internet.


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