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Setting up Mail Notifications

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Mail Alert
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DrayTek routers are able to send emails to notify when a WAN interface or VPN drops so that the issue can be investigated

DrayTek routers with 3.6.x firmware and later can have multiple addresses that can be notified so that one technician could be notified of VPN issues while another would be notified of WAN disconnection problems, or different users could be notified at different times of the day.

This is configured under [Applications] > [SMS/Mail Alert Service] and uses settings for mail servers and different notification objects configured under the [Objects Setting] menu.

To configure the mail server that will be used, go to [Objects Setting] > [SMS / Mail Service Object] and click on the Mail Server tab. Select an un-used index to create an entry for a mail service:

In the Mail Service Object settings, configure the SMTP server details along with the port it will use. If the firmware supports SSL and your mail service supports SSL, tick the Use SSL tickbox and set the SMTP Port to 465. Enter the Authentication details if your mail server requires a username and password to send email.

The Sender Address is the address that the router would use in the From: field of the email that it will send.

Click OK to save the object settings.

To set up which items the router will notify of for this particular mail alert entry, go to [Object Settings] > [Notification Object] and click on the first un-used index number. Give the entry a suitable name and select the notification options:

Click OK to save the notification object settings.

To apply the notification object, go to [Applications] > [SMS / Mail Alert Service] and select the Mail Alert tab:

Tick the number to enable and select the Mail Service object created. Set the Recipient address as the email address that would receive the notification. Then select the Notify Profile object created for which notifications will be sent to this email address.

With that configured, the router will send mail alerts to that email address.

To schedule it, set a schedule entry number like so, each profile supports two schedule entries:

Go to [Applications] > [Schedule] and go into the Index number that was entered on the previous page. In this example, go into Index 1.

  • Set the Start Time which is the time that the schedule takes effect from.
  • Set the Duration Time as the hours and minutes that the entry would be in effect for.
  • The Action setting can be ignored
  • The How Often setting should be set to Weekdays, select the days in which the schedule would take effect.


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