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How do I decode firewall log entries ?

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Advanced users may wish to refer to router firewall/packet filtering logs. Each line of the log will contain the following fields :


  1. System Time
  2. Location (LAN/WAN)
  3. Rule No (Set:Rule). Root or Group : Rule No. (Only Active rules numbered)
  4. Action Taken (No match:n Block:b Pass:p )
  5. Source IP/Port
  6. Destination IP/Port(or service name)
  7. Protocol (tcp/udp/icmp etc.)
  8. Header Length (bytes)
  9. Payload Size (Kb)
  10. Packet Type (SYN,ACK,FIN,RST,PUSH,URG etc.)
  11. ACK Number
  12. Sequence Number
  13. Window size (bytes)
  14. Direction (In or Out)

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