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How do I select the IP address used for incoming VPN ?

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If you have a single public IP address, then it would be that address that you would use to receive incoming VPN connections from teleworkers or other remote LANs. i.e. when remote users or offices VPN dial-in to you, they make the VPN connection to your single (public facing) IP address.

If, however, you have a range of public IP addresses allocated (a subnet) then you might want to use one of those addresses instead as your VPN hosting address. This is particularly of use where your ISP allocates a fixed public subnet but actually gives the primary WAN interface of the router a dynamic (changing) IP address.

When you set up the router to use public IP addresses LAN side (non-NAT mode), you set the 2nd IP address on the LAN interface as shown in this example :
Use the 2nd Subnet

By issuing the command vpn 2ndsubnet on from the router's telnet interface, the address you set above will then be able to receive VPN calls from the Internet, and tunnel them onto the local private subnet (1st IP address, within the subnet, in this example).

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