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Teleworker to Vigor with PPTP or IPSec - Windows XP Setup

Vigor 2600
Vigor 2800
Vigor 2900
Vigor 3100
Windows XP

Windows XP Image 1

Windows XP Image 2

Windows XP Image 3

Windows XP Image 4

Windows XP Image 5

Next, you must enter the IP address of the remote host. That is the Public IP address of the Vigor router. If the host connection has a fixed/static IP address from the ISP, then the address will always be the same. If they have a dynamic IP address, then it will change, normally every time they log on. You can use a Dynamic DNS service to track dynamic IP addresses. Note that in the below example, the address 212.119.... is not a real IP address - you must enter your own host's public IP address.

Windows XP Image 6

Windows XP Image 7

Windows XP Image 8

Windows XP Image 9

Windows XP Image 10

Once your computer is connected to the remote network, the system tray will show a VPN connection and a connection message will appear momentarily :

Windows XP Image 11

Now you are connected, and you can browse the remote network (assuming it is a Windows based network over TCP/IP) :

Windows XP Image 12

Windows XP Image 13

Windows XP Image 14

Windows XP Image 15


IPSec Encryption is much stronger than PPTP with MPPE encryption. If you wish to use IPSec instead of PPTP, then you can edit the VPN's properties directly in Windows, however WindowsXP does not make it very easy to set up L2TP/IPSec manually. To assist with this, DrayTek provide the 'VPN Smart Tool'.

The VPN SmartTool is not a VPN client in itself, but a setup 'wizard' and front end VPN dialler for Windows' own VPN client. It is supplied on your CD-Rom, or you can obtain the latest version from the DrayTek web site.

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