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DrayTek ACS-SI Hosted ("Cloud") Edition


DrayTek VigorACS 2 - Standard vs. Premium Subscriptions


DrayTek VigorACS is our Central Managerment System for routers, wireless access points and switches. For full details of VigorACS, visit this page.


With the introduction of VigorACS 2, there is now the standard version, which has the essential features you need and the Premium subscription which includes all of the advanced features of VigorACS and increased capacity. The 'Standard' subscription is only available as a DrayTek hosted service to users in the UK & Ireland (for other countries, please check with your local DrayTek office).




(Cloud Service)


(Self-Hosted or Cloud Service)


Available for

DrayTek UK

Dealers Use Only

  • Dealers         
  • End Users (via dealers)     
  • Enterprise      

The 'Standard' service is provided as a cloud service for dealers to manage their own or client's devices.

The premium service is available for dealers or end users who want access to the cloud service or to run the software on their own server.

Support via

  • Email
  • Email  
  • Phone
Should you need help with VigorACS, we have online resources (knowledgebase articles etc.) but you can also contact support if you need specific help.

Max. Nodes



Subscription cost is based on the number of nodes. A ‘node’ is a supported router, access point or switch.

Network Dashboard

This is the main screen giving you an at-a-glance snapshot or overview of current status of your device estate.


Graphs showing peak throughput, traffic volumes (data usage) and activity over time.

Alarm / Logs

1k most recent


View logs of actions performed through VigorACS and router Internet connectivity states.

VPN Drag-n-Drop Wizard

Set up VPNs simply and automatically by clicking on one router and dropping it onto another in the map.

CPE Configuration

Modify settings of any router or wireless access point connected to VigorACS through the VigorACS portal, such as wireless network pre-shared keys and firewall configuration settings.

CPE Maintenance

Device Reboot, Configuration Backup, and Configuration Restore of individual devices.

Firmware Upgrade

Upgrade individual or multiple devices in one go, either immediately or on a schedule

File Manager


500MB (Cloud Service)
Unlimited (Self-Hosted)

Storage for firmware files, back up configs etc.

3rd Party Access


DrayTek dealers can resell accounts onto customers (end users). Each customer/end user requires a separate account/licence to be ordered.

Scheduled Config. Backup/Restore

Automatically backup device configs at set times or on a routine basis. (network or individually)



Detailed reports of your whole estate, including WAN Status, LAN, Firmware, device overviews and traffic.



Automatically configure devices when they connect to VigorACS

Settings Deployment


Deploy settings/changes to multiple devices at once

Network Management


Create separate groups of devices, for example for individual customers who have multiple devices.

User Management


This enables you to set up multiple user accounts for access.