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Vigor ACS-SI Database Backup

Vigor ACS


Vigor ACS-SI Edition is a Central Management System (CMS) for DrayTek routers and firewalls, providing System Integrators or system administration personnel a real-time integrated monitoring, configuration and management platform.

Vigor ACS-SI is powered by a MYSQL database and this article explains the process to configure the backing up routine so that the Vigor ACS-SI database can be backed up.



For windows Backup, locate backupconfig_si_windows.txt . The file if found in \vigoracs si\dbutil\backupRestoreScript\si\windows

1. Open the file using a txt editor such as notepad.

2. In the file, amend the details shown below (underlined in red) with your ACS details such as the MYSQL username and password, the directory to save the backup file etc.



3. From the same windows folder \vigoracs si\dbutil\backupRestoreScript\si\windows, run automysqlback_si.bat



4. Check that backup was successful by going to the location specified in the backupconfig_si_windows.txt

6. If required the backup can then be scheduled by creating a job in task scheduler to run automysqlback_si.bat


7. The C:\EMS (stores firmare and config files) directory and \VigorACS SI  (Program directory, includes configuration settings such as port and memory) should also be backed up.




Linux/UNIX ACS Backup


1. Locate the backupconfig_si_txt

(Path: /usr/local/vigoracs/VigorACS/dbutil/BackupRestoreScript/SI/Linux/)


2. Edit the file using vi editor



3. Confirm the parameters underlined in red are correct according to your VigorACS installation

You will need to create the backup directory (/root/temp/mysqlbackups)


4. Locate and run

(found in  Path: /usr/local/vigoracs/VigorACS/dbutil/BackupRestoreScript/SI/Linux/)



5. Check in the backup folder specified for the backup file


Configuration (.cfg) and firmware files (.all,.rst) are stored in a separate directory.

C:\EMS (Windows) or \root\EMS (linux)

This directory can be backed up normally using whatever backup software in preferred .



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From: Tim

To schedule this I used Task Scheduler but to get Task Scheduler to report the correct exit code I edited automysqlback_si.bat and removed the 'pause' statement so that the .bat file would exit automatically when complete

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