Dealer Terms


1. DEALER STATUS : DrayTek UK maintain the list of authorised dealers (resellers) using the information provided during the application process. Applicants are responsible for ensuring that information provided is correct and that you meet the eligibility criteria, to the best of your knowledge.

2. STATUS : You or your customers can confirm your authorised dealer status by contacting us. Your authorised status may be withdrawn at any time, with 30 days notice or in the case of a breach of these terms or conduct likely to bring DrayTek, its distributors into disrepute or damage the brand or where your actions are considered by us to be incompatible with dealer status or our brand values or ethics, immediately. You may also resign your status by informing us. If you are no longer authorised, any benefits or privileges granted by the status are revoked.

3. NON-TRANSFERRABLE : Dealer status is non-transferrable (to another company or person) or to any other legal trading entity.

4. ACCESS TO MATERIALS : Access to dealer portals, training or marketing materials, price lists or other resources is limited to the authorised dealer and their staff when acting on official company business. Access may not be granted or materials shared with any other entity or persons.

5. VARIATIONS : The benefits of the registered dealer programme are provided on a best endeavour basis and those benefits are subject to variation from time to time.

6. USE OF MATERIALS : As an authorised dealer, you are granted non-exclusive permission to use materials from www.draytek.co.uk in your own web pages or printed marketing materials limited to and for the specific purpose of promoting and selling DrayTek products and with the UK/IE only. You may not use materials from the web site 'support' section (including materials below www.draytek.co.uk/support or www.support.draytek.co.uk, www.draytek.co.uk, anything protected by password access or anything from the support knowledgebase). The DrayTek trademarks and materials may be used only for the promotion of their products. You may not re-use or re-distribute any PDF or multimedia materials without written authorisation. For clarification on these issues, please contact us. In all web usage, each web page using our material must include a clearly visible copyright notice acknowledging our ownership, or that of any third party.

7. TRADING STYLE : In being appointed an authorised dealer, you must trade and operate in such a style that your status is clear; that you are an entity independent of DrayTek and not act in any way that, in our opinion, might give rise to confusion by the customer, another dealer or the general public. In particular, you may not suggest that you are part of the DrayTek organsation or connected in an official or legal sense, other than as a registered and authorised dealer. It must be clear that all trade that you undertake with 3rd parties is your responsibility. This requirement also relates to the usage of the represented vendor's name in your company trading style or names you use in any online activity. It is prohibited to use the DrayTek trademarks in your company name, TLD web URLs or trading style.

8. REPRESENTATION AND REPACKAGING : If you resell used goods, you should make it clear to the purchaser that the goods are used and that the manufacturer's new warranty or service provisions shall not apply. The unit should be checked for damage and any missing parts. In respect of replacing parts, particularly those connected to mains voltage, you should use only manufacturer supplied official parts as these have been extensively tested for performance, safety and reliability. To do otherwise could present danger to the user or cause damage to the main unit. The replacement of standard accessories which have not been approved or supplied by DrayTek and which could have an effect on the operation, safety, reliability or performance of the product is not permitted. Where any additions or repackaging has occurred, a suitable, prominent and clear warning and notice to the customer, affixed permanently to the packaging should be applied advising the customer of any such change to the packaging or content, identifying who has administered and is responsible for the repackaging and noting that the modified or repackaged unit will not be covered by local warranty or service provisions of the manufacturer. Such repackaging may also be prohibited by law and action will be taken where any misrepresentation or repackaging has taken place.

9. GDPR : DrayTek recognises the protections provided by European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) legislation in relation to personal information and is committed to complying with all requirements therein, including the identification and location of personal data and protection thereof. Internal operating processes have been reviewed and privacy impact assessments conducted to ensure compliance in our role of data processor. DrayTek complies with notification requirements in the event of a notifiable data breach. All personal data is processed and accessible only where necessary, proportionate, non-excessive locally or in the cloud and not transferred outside of the EU or to any country which does not have adequately recognised protections. If you use 3rd party methods to communicate with us or transfer material (e.g. email or cloud providers), such services do not fall under our control. Data subjects may request copies of their personal data, request corrections and erasure (subject to retention required or necessary in law). "Personal Data" is defined as that which relates to an identifiable natural person. Any queries on this policy or data requests should be directly to the currently appointed data protection officer. We hold data for the purposes of administering service and products to you including the sale of products/service, responding to your enquiries and our marketing activities. Information may also be used for legal compliance, dispute resolution, business requirements, statutory reporting, protecting our assets, IP and personnel and enforcing agreements. Information held may include your name, your company name, your email address, details of enquiries you make to us, emails, payment history, purchase and service history. Information will be shared with 3rd parties in the provision of service to you, for example for technical support or delivery or implementation of goods and services.

10. AVAILABILITY OF SERVICE : Dealers understand that any service offered by DrayTek are provided on a best endeavours basis, including technical support and that no SLA is offered on such services. Reliance on technical support shall not cause liability on DrayTek's part or cover consequential loss suffered by the dealer or their customer should a device become unserviceable or malfunction.

11. LOCALISED HARDWARE : Dealers acknowledge the products sold by UK/IE official distributors are intended for use in those markets and have localised hardware, software (firmware), documentation and accessories. In all cases, dealers should ensure that they provide their customers with products suitable for their networks and localities. Support of products used beyond their intended use may be restricted. Where such resale is made, customers should be fully informed of the intended market of the goods and that localised support or compatibility is at their risk. Where original accessories (such as power supplies) are replaced with 3rd party unapproved devices, this should also be made clear to purchasers.

12. LEGAL JURISTICTION : Any engagement with dealers is subject to the laws of England. Any statutory rights which over-ride the details within this document (either English or EU) shall take priority and nothing within this document removes those rights on either party.