Working from Home VPN Solutions


Understanding Working from Home VPN Solutions in 5 Steps

Work from Home VPN Solution in 5 steps

VPN Topology for Working from Home

VPN Topology

Working from Home? Or on a Business Trip?

Suggested Built-in VPN Type

Suggested Built-in VPN Type

Built-in VPN type is natively supported by the OS and no Smart VPN Client required.

Recommended VPN types

Alternative VPN Type

For all clients, download Smart VPN Client for alternative VPN type.

Alternative VPN types

Download Smart VPN Client from Here

Connecting Between HQ and Branches?

Branch offices dial LAN-to-LAN VPN to the HQ to have secure access to the company resources.

If HQ dials a LAN-to-LAN VPN to the cloud server, branches can also access to the cloud server via HQ.


Suggested LAN-to-LAN VPN Protocol

IPsec tunnel with AES-SHA256 security method for highest security and best performance

DrayTek's DSL VPN Routers

DSL VPN Router

DrayTek's Broadband VPN Routers

Broadband VPN router

Don’t Want to Change Your Existing Office Network?

Keep your current office network, and simply put a Vigor Router in your LAN to work as VPN server.

1. Connect Vigor Router’s WAN port to DMZ port on your company gateway router (or setup port forwarding for VPN to pass to Vigor Router, e,g., port 443 for SSL VPN).

2. Download Smart VPN Client on your device. Select VPN type, and either add your office network to “more route” or enable Change Default Route.

3. Done! Start working from home!

It works for LAN-to-LAN VPN as well! See more at Single-Arm VPN

Solve NAT Problems with DrayTek VPN Matcher

VPN Server Behind NAT Made Easy

Some ISPs assign private IP addresses for a multi-site company, and most 4G providers offer private IP, too.

VPN Server with private IP behind NAT makes branches unable to establish a LAN-to-LAN VPN tunnel.

To overcome the limitations, register all your VPN Vigor Routers to DrayTek VPN Matcher, then VPN Matcher will help exchanging the connection information between VPN Server and branches.

With the connection information, VPN tunnel can be established successfully.