Mesh Wireless


Fast & Reliable

Create a fast and reliable Wi-Fi network covering a large area with DrayTek's new Mesh wireless system. Use DrayTek's Wi-Fi 6 wireless access points for ultimate performance.

Cover Large Areas

Mesh Wireless is ideal for homes, office and large areas that are difficult to blanket with wireless coverage or for extending wireless to places where it's tricky to install structured network cabling needed by a traditional wired Access Point

Modular & Expandable

Simply join additional Mesh Nodes to eliminate Wi-Fi dead zones and expand coverage. Link up to 8 DrayTek access points and benefit from complete wireless coverage where you need it.

Plug-n-Play Auto-Configuring Meshing

When a new Mesh Node is adopted by the Mesh Root VigorAP, it is autonomously re-configured to be a part of the Mesh network.

Simply take a VigorAP out of the box and connect up the power, a new VigorAP decides automatically whether to be a Mesh Node or Access Point. If it doesn't detect a wired uplink, the VigorAP will start up as a Mesh Node and wait to be added in to a VigorMesh network.

To set up new Mesh Nodes, simply have the Mesh Root search for new Mesh Nodes. When they're detected, give each VigorAP a name and the VigorMesh system will set up each VigorAP to join into the VigorMesh network. The Mesh will then automatically optimize links between Mesh Nodes to ensure the best network layout with the new Mesh Nodes.*

Simple To Install

Setting up a Mesh Wireless network with VigorAPs
Setting up a Mesh Wireless network with VigorAPs

A Mesh wireless network requires less work to install than traditional fixed configuration wireless networks, with wired APs and wireless Universal Repeaters. Instead, the Mesh Root is connected up to an Internet connection and Mesh Nodes join wirelessly, automatically managing links between VigorAPs and managed as a group.

Check the status of the Mesh Wireless network and view connected clients through the DrayTek Wireless app, or in the VigorAP's web interface. To make changes, just change settings on the Mesh Root VigorAP and those will be pushed onto all of the connected nodes automatically.

Using the DrayTek Wireless app and QR code on each DrayTek VigorAP, here's how to set up a DrayTek Mesh Wireless network:


Connect a VigorAP into your network and scan its QR code with the DrayTek Wireless app


Use the Quick Start Wizard to set it as the Mesh Root and configure the Wireless network name and password


Connect the power up to any new VigorAPs that you want to use as the Mesh Nodes


Search for new Mesh Nodes with the DrayTek Wireless app and add them to the Mesh group


Wait a couple of minutes for the Mesh Node VigorAPs to auto configure and join the Mesh group



Modular & Auto-Optimising

Connect up to 8 DrayTek VigorAPs into a Mesh group, which self-organises links between each node to ensure the best possible speeds. Mesh Nodes further away will connect wirelessly to the nearest Mesh Node, up to 3 wireless 'hops' away.

Where a cabled network connection is available, join a Mesh Node to the network through Ethernet and nearby wireless Mesh Nodes can join it instead of the Mesh Root, to reduce wireless 'hops', improving network capacity.

Bridge gaps in a wireless network that wireless can't typically cover, such as thick walls, or walls containing metal. Chain Mesh Nodes to go around the obstacle or link up a Mesh Node via Ethernet. Wireless Mesh nodes connecting through the remote Ethernet Mesh Node go at full speed instead of being slowed down by obstructions.

Multi-site Central management with VigorACS

Manage VigorAPs as a Mesh Wireless group locally from the Mesh Root AP or with the 'DrayTek Wireless' app.

Centrally manage and provision VigorAPs centrally across a single building or multiple sites with DrayTek VigorACS.

View the status and usage of the Mesh network, make configuration changes and manage firmware remotely through the VigorACS central management platform.

Mesh Wireless Indoors and Outdoors

The DrayTek VigorAP range includes models that are ideal for both indoor and outdoor usage. Use the VigorAP 960C Wi-Fi 6 access point indoors and VigorAP 918 outdoors, for complete Mesh network coverage.

The VigorAP 918 is specifically designed for outdoor installation, fully weatherproofed and capable of operating in extremely hot or cold temperatures. In addition, it has PoE Pass-Through to power an additional PoE device, and switchable omni-directional and directional antennae for long distance wireless links between VigorAPs.

The VigorAP 960C is a wall and ceiling mountable Wi-Fi 6 access point that can provide a high performance 802.11ax Mesh network to wireless clients.

And if you need LAN connectivity over Mesh, the VigorAP 903 provides 5 Gigabit Ethernet ports to connect PCs, IP Phones, Printers and Cameras into the Mesh network.

See DrayTek's range of Mesh Wireless Access Points

Self-Healing Mesh Connectivity

Mesh wireless ensures reliable connectivity even when there are connection problems. If there's something blocking the wireless signal, or a Node's power is unplugged, the Mesh will automatically re-organise to compensate. Mesh nodes will connect up to the next nearest part of the Mesh and resume service.

Easy Setup with the DrayTek Wireless app

Set up & Manage the Mesh Wireless network through the 'DrayTek Wireless' app.

Download it for free in the Apple App Store and Google Play stores.

Once installed on your Smartphone or Tablet, use the Quick Start Wizard to adopt and set up the Mesh Root VigorAP.

To do that, simply scan the VigorAP's QR code to set it up, or input the VigorAPs default SSID & password, then configure your wireless network with step-by-step guidance.

When it's all set up, view the Mesh Wireless status and connected wireless clients from the app, or change the wireless password, which automatically propagates the change to all VigorAPs in the Mesh.

* -  Please visit the DrayTek Mesh Model Compatibility page for details