Access Point Management


DrayTek's wireless access points give you amazing flexibility for Wi-Fi access point management. You can manage a single VigorAP through its web interface directly, or you could manage up to 8 VigorAP access points as a single group using Mesh.

Beyond Wi-Fi access point management for a few APs, you can manage 20 to 50 VigorAP access points through your DrayTek Vigor router. Configure groups of VigorAPs with a single profile, or auto-provision newly connected access points, allowing you to expand your wireless network, simply by plugging a new VigorAP into the network.

For a large single site, DrayTek provide the free VigorConnect Wi-Fi access point management software, which allows a Windows or Linux server to manage up to 100 VigorAP access points and VigorSwitch network switches, for full configuration and management of larger sites.

To manage VigorAPs across many sites easily, the VigorACS central management platform allows for fully centralized visibility, management and provisioning of VigorAP wireless access points. This lets you manage hundreds of APs, pushing wireless configuration changes and automating firmware updates, to greatly simplify management of wireless across multiple sites.

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