DrayTek SFP Direct Attach Cable

1GbE & 10GbE SFP+ Direct Attach Cable
Link DrayTek VigorSwitches and Vigor routers using SFP
  • DrayTek DAC-CX10
  • SFP & SFP+ Direct Attach Cable
  • Self-Locking on insertion for reliable installation
  • Pull-Tab for easy removal
  • 1GbE & 10GbE Capable
  • Available in 1 & 3 Metre Cable Lengths
  • Ideal for high bandwith applications (e.g. server to switch)


SFP Direct Attach Cable for Switch or Server Uplinks/Inter-linking

The DAC-CX10 cable is a cost effective interlink cable between switches, routers, servers and storage devices and supports speeds up to 10Gb/s. DrayTek DAC-CX10 SFP cables connect directly to the SFP module port of the devices, such as any DrayTek switch or router which has an SFP or SFP+ port.

A "Direct Attach Cable" or "DAC" connects SFP module ports on two devices similarly to an RJ-45 network cable, instead of using SFP to optical fibre transceivers, or SFP to RJ-45 transceivers. This significantly simplifies the connection process and reduces cost, while still ensuring reliable operation. For instance, if both devices support 10 Gigabit transfer rates through SFP+, instead of using two SFP+ Fibre transceivers and optical fibre, simply connect the DAC-CX10-01M cable between the two for an up to 10Gb/s link.  The DAC-CX10 is one piece - there are no removable RJ-45 or fibre cables to be concerned with.

The DAC-CX10 support up to 10Gb/s - limited according to the speed supported by the connected devices; for example if one device only supports 1Gb/s, that is the maximum link speed available. If you are connecting between two devices whose SFP ports support 10Gb/s, the bandwidth is significantly higher than if you were to use the regular RJ-45 Ethernet/CAT6 ports - such speed is particularly important in high volume applications such as server or storage device to switch/network.

If both connected devices support 'port trunking' you can use two DAC-CX10 cables to increase bandwidth even further, but equally, even on a 1Gb/s SFP port, these cables can be useful to make use of all ports without tying up an RJ-45 port that you need for other purposes.

The DAC-CX10 module locks securely into place when fitted into a switch to avoid unintended removal and removed by pulling the tab to unlock it from the SFP module slot.

The DAC-CX10 is available in 3M and 1M cable lengths.

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