On Premise Management

The DrayTek products such as wireless access points and switches are compatible with local area network management software, the VigorConnect. They can also be monitored via Central Switch Management, and Central AP Management supported by DrayTek Vigor routers.

On-premise management

Central Management with VigorConnect

DrayTek access points and network switches can be managed on-site by the VigorConnect local management service which is a standalone software package you can install on a local Windows machine.

VigorConnect enables you to centrally control, manage and administer multiple APs and switches installed around your building/campus.

It simplifies the initial setup through device discovery to add all your Vigor devices into the system and then allow you to provision them quickly by deploying your wireless or switch profile.

Central Management with DrayTek Routers

Most of the DrayTek routers come with the build-in wireless controller that can centrally manage Vigor Access Points.

Use Router-based Central AP Management to set your APs with pre-defined profiles to match the wireless SSIDs, passwords, and manage your wireless traffic with features such as load-balancing.

Manage the whole VigorSwitch range with Router-based Central Switch Management. Monitor network usage, provision VLAN configurations, set individual port rates and schedule port operation all from a single point of management.

DrayTek Network Management Types

On Premise Management
On Premise Management
Cloud Network Control
Cloud Network Management
SD-WAN Network Control
SD-WAN Network Control