Magnetic Base & Extension for 4G Aerials

  • Magnetic base
  • 1M Extension cable
  • Kit includes 2 extension bases
  • Extend 4G LTE aerials away from the router
  • Allows aerials to be located in the optimum position
  • Compatible with DrayTek Vigor routers with integrated LTE modems
  • Suitable for use with all 4G LTE and 3G frequency bands in use in the UK
  • Available in black only
  • Suitable for indoor use only
  • Can be wall mounted (use 3M Command strips, not included)


Magnetic Base & Extension Kit for LTE 4G / 3G Aerials

This product is a magnetic base and extension cable compatible with the LTE antennae included with DrayTek Vigor routers that integrate an LTE modem, such as the Vigor 2620Ln.

This allows your aerials to be positioned to avoid any obstructions or enclosures which are obscuring the router. Adjust the LTE antennas into the optimum location / direction to increase signal strength and throughput.

This is especially useful if the router is installed in a rack inside a comms cabinet because if the aerials are inside the cabinet their signal will be severely impeded. The 1M extension cable allows the aerials to be positioned outside of the cabinet and the  magnetic base means that it can be attached to the side of a cabinet if the metal is magnetic.

The magnetic antenna bases are supplied in pairs, purchase a single set to extend the antenna positions for both of the router's antennae. The antenna is not included - that is supplied with your 4G/LTE rouiter.

The LTE antenna aerials supplied with DrayTek LTE modem routers can twist and tilt at their base, which allows for optimum positioning once connected to the ANT-BAS1 base.
Aerials can twist

The base can be wall mounted using suitable adhesive pads (e.g. 3M Command Strips).

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