4G LTE Routers


Wireless 4G LTE routers provide great flexibility in both configuration and management, with the capability to use 4G mobile as its primary or backup connection.

DrayTek offer a range of 4G LTE Wireless routers to suit many different environments, each one offering powerful VPN capabilities, advanced Quality of Service and Content Filtering. Some models also offer load balancing and Gigabit performance for fixed-line broadband.

Why buy a DrayTek 4G LTE Router?
Many of DrayTek’s 4G routers also offer Dual-SIM capability for enhanced reliability. Providing a backup SIM card, to take over if the main 4G network goes offline, or if the SIM runs out of credit.

With DrayTek’s 4G LTE Wi-FI routers, it’s easy to choose the best 4G LTE router to suit your requirements, with options for integrated ADSL/VDSL modem and Gigabit Ethernet/FTTP Fibre connectivity, as well as Wireless LAN. 4G+ LTE.

Advanced options further enhance performance and Dual-SIM slots allow for extra failover capability.

 DSL WANEthernet WANIntegrated 4G/LTEFirewall Mb/sIPSec VPN Mb/sWirelessVoIP Ports
Vigor 2620Ln Vigor 2620Ln  VDSL / ADSL tick tick 300 50 tick
Vigor 2865Lac Vigor 2865Lac VDSL / ADSL tick tick 1.3G 800 tick
Vigor 2865Lax-5G Vigor 2865Lax-5G VDSL / ADSL tick 5G/4G LTE 1.3G 800 tick
Vigor 2865L-5G Vigor 2865L-5G VDSL / ADSL tick 5G/4G LTE 1.3G 800  
Vigor 2866Lac Vigor 2866Lac G.fast / VDSL / ADSL2+ tick tick 1.3G 800 tick
Vigor 2927Lac Vigor 2927Lac  2 tick 1.8G 800 tick
Vigor 2927Lax-5G Vigor 2927Lax-5G  2 5G/4G LTE 1.8G 800 tick

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