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Web Site, Sales & Support Services & Support Portal Terms of Service

There are no sneaky or weird terms here (we hope - let us know otherwise); it's mostly common sense, but it's important you understand your obligations and our commitment to you. We'll try to keep it simple!

By applying for access to this service or by accessing the web site or support services, you must agree to and are bound by the following terms:

  1. Registration: Access to some areas of the  UK support portal require registration - these areas are considered part of our enhanced support service and available to eligible users only. Such areas and registration are available only to users in the UK, Ireland and Channel Islands and to users of eligible products. If your product was not purchased through a UK, Irish or Channel Islands authorised reseller or it was purchased from or via any other geographic region or did not originate through the official UK distribution channels then your product is not eligible for UK support services or access to these web pages. If in doubt, please contact us.
  2. Product Eligibility: Where you provide details of any specific product, for example a serial number, that number must be from a product which you currently own or directly manage. You may not use the details from any other product, nor share your product details to enable someone else to do so. Claiming to be the owner/operator of a product which you are not or misrepresenting your geographic location is prohibited by UK law and will be considered an attempt to obtain service by deception.
  3. Password security:  You should use a secure password when creating your account or whenever you change your password.  This is ideally a minimum 8 character, mixed letters, numbers and characters.  For example 'fuh512-hyfl$g' is good but 'password' or '1234' are bad (not secure and easily hacked/guessed).
  4. Account Access: Any valid person wishing to access the site must use their own account (username and password) to do so. You may not share your account with another person, publish its details or passwords or otherwise allow anyone else to have access to the services or resources. If you have multiple people within your company, each person can open their own account. If you believe your account details have been compromised, you should change your password immediately or advise us.
  5. Redistribution & Copyright:  All web page content, images, guides, documentation, FAQs, downloads and firmware (collectively 'materials') are provided onto the registered and authorised user for their own personal use or use within their work or employment. Under no circumstances may materials be reproduced, republished, broadcast in part or full in Any form, electronic or otherwise without prior written permission of the site operators.
  6. Mirroring: You may not redistribute any documents, downloads or firmware, host them on your own web site or any 3rd party distribution platforms.
  7. Accuracy and Best Endeavours: We endeavour to ensure that our material is accurate, up-to-date and appropriate however due to continuous product development and variations, information may not be correct.  Any advice, tutorial or instruction given is provided in good faith but may not always address the specific need or purpose or may cause unwanted operation. In addition, as we cannot know everything about your environment or be familiar with other connected equipment, our material or advice may not always be appropriate for every scenario. In such cases, we will of course continue to work with you to resolve any issues. You must make reasonable effort to make us aware of any material facts which could be relevant or augment our advice.
  8. Responsibility: Some areas of our site may allow you or other members of the public to contribute or submit your own information, comments or opinions.  It is your responsibility to ensure that any such material is accurate, not offensive, obscene or unlawful.  In particular, you may not post or submit anything which may offend harm the interests, commercial or personal of any other user, company, associated company, personnel or the site operators.
  9. Security: You shall not attempt to bypass site security or access any area which is reasonably assumed to not be intended for public access, not publicise or help any other person with same. You will not use the site for any purpose other than which is it clearly and reasonably intended including, but not limited to, testing or experimentation.  If you become aware of a security or other flaw within our web site, services or products, you are obliged to report them to us at the earliest opportunity and not publish such information publicly or elsewhere.
  10. Cookies, Analytics & Logging of Information: When using our web site, we use cookies (native and 3rd party) which are stored by your web browser. This enables us, for example to recognise you and to automatically log you into the site each time you visit, instead of having to enter your username and password each time.  We also use these cookies and your site access to generate statistics showing site access by unique visitors and which pages are visited or popular.  We also log your IP address and your client/browser details. This information is used for statistical purposes, aiding in compatibility assurance and also in security, to protect against unauthorised usage/access or abuse. We may also use 3rd party analytics services (such as but not limited to) Google Analytics.
  11. Email Address: The email address you use to register and operate the account must be a valid permanent address which belongs to you (or an account under your permanent control). You may not use temporary/expiring email addresses or any email service where your email address may be used/accessed by another person. It is permitted to use an address modifying alias (where a tag is suffixed to your email address, assuming your provider supports that).  If we believe that an account may be used contrary to our policies, we may suspend that account without notice.
  12. Your privacy: we ask for certain details during your registration which we shall keep confidentially. We ask for these for the purposes of delivering our own support services, validating your eligibility, communicating with you and informing you of any product updates or other relevant news (where you have specifically opted in to receive such emails). Any details about your site usage or access are also kept confidentially. We will not share your details with any 3rd party except in connection with delivering our service to you. Our customers newsletter is sent out approximately 4-6 times per year; you can unsubscribe from that (to opt out of receiving it) by clicking the link at the bottom of the newsletter. In the case of any essential product notice (for example a breach or safety alert) we may still send those.
  13. Jurisdiction: Interpretation of these terms shall be according to English law. Where we are required by any government or law enforcement agency to override any restriction or protection we might normally provide you,  then we shall do so.
  14. Variation: These terms of service may be varied at any time as is reasonably required to change our services, protect our customers and our own resources and systems. The latest version of these terms are available here.  You may request your account and access be deleted at any time, however you are still bound by these terms.
  15. Termination: If at any time we believe that you may have breached any terms of this agreement or your account access details may have been compromised your access will be suspended. Your account or access may also be terminated at any time without notice or explanation.
  16. Limitation of Liability: Use of the web site or reliance on any information obtained from it, whether it is from the site owners, an allied body or another user, shall be at all times at your own risk. You agree that the operators shall not be liable to you under contract or tort for any loss, financial or otherwise you may incur for using this web site and that you shall not bring any claim against the operators, their personnel or any other user of this web site.
  17. Reasonableness: If you do not agree to these terms or consider them unreasonable then you should not register, use or access the site.
  18. Identity: In all access, registration and interaction with the web site, other users and our personnel and support services, you shall use your own real name and identity (except where aliases/usernames are permitted) and not imply that you are a different person or represent anyone who you do not genuinely represent or work for.
  19. GDPR: DrayTek UK & DrayTek Corp. recognise the protections provided by European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) legislation in relation to personal information and is committed to complying with all requirements therein, including the identification and location of personal data and protection thereof. Internal operating processes have been reviewed and privacy impact assessments conducted to ensure compliance in our role of data processor. We comply with notification requirements in the event of a notifiable data breach. All personal data is processed and accessible only where necessary, proportionate, non-excessive locally or in the cloud and not transferred outside to any country which does not have adequately recognised protections. Data is not transferred outside of the EU except to our HQ (Taiwan, ROC) specifically for the purposes of customer service in expediting or resolving a specific customer issue (e.g. product support), where our engineers are located. The UK and HQ offices have a bilateral data processing agreement in line with GDPR.  If you use 3rd party methods to communicate with us or transfer material (e.g. email or cloud providers), such services do not fall under our control. Data subjects may request copies of their personal data, request corrections and erasure (subject to retention required or necessary in law). "Personal Data" is defined as that which relates to an identifiable natural person. Any queries on this policy or data requests should be directly to the currently appointed data protection officer. We hold data for the purposes of administering service and products to you including the sale of products/service, responding to your enquiries and our marketing activities . Information may also be used for legal compliance, dispute resolution, business requirements, statutory reporting, protecting our assets, IP and personnel and enforcing agreements. Information held may include your name, your company name, your email address, details of enquiries you make to us, emails, payment history, purchase and service history. Information will be shared with 3rd parties in the provision of service to you, for example for technical support or delivery or implementation of goods and services.
  20. Confidentiality: Any information which either you receive from us or our agents (anything you/read read or have access to either on the web site or which is sent to/from our personnel or agents on our behalf) which is not already placed into the public domain by us or you (respectively depending on the ownership or origin) may not be republished, repeated or passed onto any third party. This includes all documentation, firmware, guides, instructions and the content of any email with us.  This is bilateral; you can send us information (such as network data, logs, passwords etc.) and we will treat it and the content of all emails confidentially, and you will do the same with anything we provide or send to you. All parties shall take reasonable steps to protect such data and it will not be retained longer than necessary in any identifiable form, except where required by law.
  21. Modern Slavery Act: In accordance with section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (the MSA), as an organisation we undertake to maintain all such provisions and look to our major suppliers to provide similar assurance of same.