Voice-over-IP (VoIP) on DrayTek Routers


V2760VN Router with Phones

Voice-over-IP (VoIP) on DrayTek Routers

Many DrayTek routers have VoIP phone sockets; in this article we'll explain what they're for and why you might consider selecting a VoIP-enabled product over the standard one.

First of all, what is VoIP? VoIP is the process of using your Internet connection to make and receive voice telephone (voice) calls instead of using a fixed line or a mobile phone.

DrayTek routers with built-in VoIP have two regular phone sockets. You can plug in any regular analogue (standard) telephone (or DECT base) into those and then make and receive calls. You need a (free) account with an Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP) which provides a way for your device to register itself and be found by other users on the Internet. Other VoIP users can then call you or be called free of charge. If you have two offices, this might be all you need - you can call each other, free of charge, forever.

Making and receiving calls to regular phones lines / mobiles

Most ITSPs will also provide a PSTN gateway - the PSTN being the regular phone network. You can call or be called by regular phone users on fixed lines or mobile. Calls you make to the PSTN are normally chargeable, but typically at very preferential rates. You can also receive calls; your ITSP can allocate you a regular phone number in your own area code so that people can call you.

VOIP Schematic

We recommend DrayTEL as your ITSP which can provide a standard account free of charge and can allocate incoming numbers after your first call credit purchase. Call credit is used for outgoing calls on PAYG packages - national calls are from just 1p/minute. DrayTEL also have monthly packages with inclusive minutes. You can find out more about DrayTEL and their latest pricing on their web site. Other ITSPs are available.

If you are out and about, you can also install compatible 'SIP/VoIP' software or apps onto your laptop of smartphone and then make calls back to your home/office router, or integrate with the PSTN too. You can also use standalone IP phones interconnect with compatible IP PBXs.

As well as cost saving on your call charges, with VoIP you'll save on line rental compared with getting extra phone lines installed so VoIP is a great way to get additional line capacity for the cost of your router (the DrayTek VoIP enabled routers do not cost much more than the standard routers). You also won't have to wait for new lines to be installed, which is especially useful if you have only occasional or temporary requirements.

Another 'cool' feature of VoIP with your DrayTek router is that you can have the same SIP account registered on routers in different location. This means, for example, that when someone dials your phone number it can ring in your home office, you work office and your holiday home office all at the same time, so wherever you are, you can answer the call! (Not all ITSPs allow multiple simultaneous registrations - DrayTEL does).

Integration of your analogue line

DrayTek routers also integrate your standard analogue line, so the connected phones can still be used to make or receive calls on your analogue line. The 'digit map' feature enables you to set rules about which of your ITSPS or the analogue line you use for particular outgoing calls. For example, you might want local calls to use your analogue line, International calls to use one ITSP but calls to India (for example) to use another ITSP which offers the best rates. As the Vigor router can support several ITSPs simultaneously, you can also include your office IP PBX (physical or cloud-based) so that your phone is also an extension of that. In fact, if you do have an office IP PBX (phone system) you can use that entirely instead. In the event of a power cut, your connected phone fails over to the analogue line automatically.

DrayTek VoIP-enabled Routers - Features

  • Two 'FXS' Phone Ports
  • Integration with analogue (POTS) line
  • Hotline Facility
  • Digit-Map for ITSP/Line selection
  • 6 or 12 simultaneous ITSP/SIP Accounts
  • Caller ID & Call Waiting
  • Multiple Codecs for quality/bandwidth selection

Please see individual model specification for the exact feature set.

VoIP Encryption (SIP-to-SIP) using ZRTP

If you are conducting particularly sensitive phone calls, if you have a pair of supporting DrayTek VoIP routers (or other software/hardware which is compatible) your VoIP traffic can be encrypted with very strong methods and MiTM attack protection using the ZRTP protocol. You can read more about that in this link.

DrayTek Routers with VoIP Ports

DrayTek have routers in most series with built-in VoIP ports, all with very similar VoIP features for making and receiving calls. You can click on each model to learn all about the full set of router features, or refer to our model comparison chart.

The additional cost of the VoIP-enabled modem is 20- 30 more than the equivalent model without VoIP (depending on model).

Summary of the advantages of a VoIP-enabled router

  • Two additional phone lines with no line rental or installation costs
  • Free VoIP-to-VoIP calls worldwide
  • ITSP integration providing full PSTN (POTS) interconnectivity
  • Simultaneous registration of ITSP/SIP accounts in multiple locations