Internet Connectivity via Wireless (WAN WiFi)


Internet Connection via Wireless

Most commonly, your router will connect to the Internet via fixed line (ADSL, VDSL, cable) or cellular (3G/4G/LTE) but the Vigor routers with wireless such as the DrayTek Vigor 2865ac or DrayTek Vigor 2927ac can also use a WiFi connection as its WAN (Internet) feed. i.e. where you are in a location which provides WiFi access (a hotel, a web café, someone else's office etc.) you can use that to provide the Vigor's Internet connection instead of a fixed line.

Importantly, when using this feature, your own Wireless LAN still works - i.e. the wireless base facility provided to your laptops/phones/tablets by the Vigor router still works.

Ideal for Emergencies

With the Wireless WAN feature, you can now fall back to using the public WiFi or your phone's tethering if your main WAN/Internet connection is lost (obviously, assuming the public WiFi hasn't suffered the same fate!).

The DrayTek router connects to the wireless network specified and provides internet access to clients connected to the DrayTek Vigor Router's LAN ports or Wireless network, applying any QoS, CSM or Firewall to these connections.

This can be used as either a primary internet connection, load balanced with other WAN interfaces or as a backup internet connection, via the WAN2 interface which is switchable between Ethernet WAN and Wireless WAN modes.

The WAN interface can be used in the same way as all other WAN interfaces on the router, it can be used for VPN, remote management or port forwarding, if the network that the router is connecting to allows this.

This facility makes it possible to connect to any wireless network and use that connection for internet access:

  • 3G / 4G MiFi Wireless Hotspots

    Instead of using a USB connection to connect to the 3G / 4G modem, connecting via 802.11 Wi-Fi, to a wireless capable 4G hotspot device such as a MiFi, ensures compatibility even with devices that are not yet supported in firmware as USB modems.
  • Tethering to your phone

    Another WiFi source of Internet connectivity is your mobile phone's 'tethering' or hotspot capability. Most smartphones support this, whereby the phone uses your 3G/4G signal to create a WiFi hotspot for local devices. Your Vigor router can make use of that for its Internet connection.

  • Wireless Networks

    Whilst this is most often useful for temporary locations, it can also be used for emergency of failover purposes. WiFi hotspots are very common and your permanent home or office location may well already have coverage from a provider such as BT Openzone (now called BT WiFi).

Applicable Products:

  • Vigor 2860n
  • Vigor 2860n-Plus
  • Vigor 2860Vn-Plus
  • Vigor 2860ac
  • Vigor 2860Vac
  • Vigor 2860Ln
  • Vigor 2925n
  • Vigor 2925n-Plus
  • Vigor 2925ac
  • Vigor 2862n
  • Vigor 2862Ln
  • Vigor 2862ac
  • Vigor 2862Lac
  • Vigor 2862Vac
  • Vigor 2865ac
  • Vigor 2865Lac
  • Vigor 2865Vac
  • Vigor 2866ac
  • Vigor 2866Lac
  • Vigor 2866Vac
  • Vigor 2926n
  • Vigor 2926ac
  • Vigor 2927ac
  • Vigor 2927Lac

Note that some 'ax' routers are not included on the above list (due to chipset limitation).
For the detailed setup guide, please visit our KB page.