EOL Notice : VigorPro Series Update Subscriptions


20th February 2017

DrayTek VigorPro UTM Series

Notice of discontinuation of subscriptions/updates

The VigorPro was a series of UTM (Unified Threat Management) devices including the Vigorpro5500, 5300 and 5510.

These models were sold between approximately 2007 and 2012. They provided the typical DrayTek router features but also included anti-Intrusion, anti-spam and anti-virus scanning features.

The VigorPro (like PC software) relied on regular updates of virus and threat definitions which were provided as annual licences.

From July 2017, we are no longer supplying or activating new VigorPro licence subscriptions. The update service and server (where your Vigorpro downloads the latest definitions from) will continue to operate beyond that date until the expiry of the very last licence. According to our licencing server, there are now a very small number of units still in service however if you are still using a VigorPro with an active subscription, you should consider your options - for example, replacing it with a modern equivalent unit.

If you have a VigorPro and wish to continue with an AI/AV/AS subscription beyond your current term, you need to purchase a new licence before June 2017 and activate it before July 2017. That will then be your final term; you cannot renew again after that.

The VigorPro will continue to operate with its router features indefinitely, so if you are still using your VigorPro but without an active AI/AS/AV subscription, nothing will be affected