Introducing the Vigor 3910 10Gb VPN Concentrator

DrayTek’s high performance, enterprise level router/firewall

Vigor 3910

London, December 11, 2019 – Business-class networking solutions manufacturer DrayTek has launched the Vigor 3910, a powerful 10Gb VPN Concentrator designed to address the increased bandwidth demands businesses are seeing as more services are being consumed in the cloud.

The Vigor 3910 is next in the series of DrayTek’s prestigious Vigor enterprise routers & firewalls and combines performance, capacity and flexibility, with ease of use and a comprehensive feature set. The Vigor 3910 is powered by a quad-core processor enabling it to deliver over 9Gb/s of NAT throughput which makes it a very capable and flexible VPN concentrator.

Achieving reliable and high performance inter-office communications with securely encrypted Virtual Private Network tunnels has never been easier. The high performance Vigor 3910 enables enterprises to create up to 500 simultaneous tunnels, with 3Gb/s IPsec throughput which ensures an excellent user experience.

Application flexibility is ensured through 8 switchable LAN/WAN ports, and 10GbE SFP+ ports for fibre connectivity, which offer a NAT throughput over 9Gb/s.

Designed to overcome all the networking challenges faced by enterprise level businesses, the Vigor 3910 ensures maximum uptime and business continuity. It is a dedicated, advanced, high-performance router, specially designed to be able to cope with the demand of hundreds of VPN tunnels.

The Vigor 3910 serves as the perfect solution for a company with multiple users across many sites that requires secure and high-speed access for each branch. Another example would be a block with multiple managed offices, where a Vigor 3910 could be installed as the core router, with each office’s individual router connecting to it for secure, reliable connectivity. For more details, watch our video.

The Vigor 3910 uses the familiar DrayOS platform for ease of use and features management for VigorSwitch and VigorAP devices on your local network, providing free and easy setup of all of your local DrayTek devices. It is also compatible with VigorACS, DrayTek’s cloud-based centralised management platform, which provides a cost-effective full management system for your entire network across multiple sites.

Vigor 3910 Key Features:

  • Quad-core Processor with over 9Gb/s NAT throughput
  • High performance VPN Concentrator
  • VPN Concentrator supporting 500 simultaneous VPN links
  • Up to 8 WAN links with Load Balancing
  • Up to 50 fully configurable VLANS
  • 8x Switchable LAN / WAN ports

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