DrayTek is introducing the VigorAP 802 Mesh

Feature-rich, Compact and Powerful Access Point

DrayTek VigorAP 802 Mesh

London, September 10, 2019 - Leading business-class networking solutions manufacturer DrayTek launches the most recent development in Mesh Wireless technology with the powerful, versatile plug-in VigorAP 802 access point. With AC1200 Wi-Fi and concurrent dual-band connectivity, VigorAP 802 is a portable Wireless Mesh access point, compact and easy to use either wirelessly or wired, enabling full use of the broadband potential at an ultra-competitive price.

The VigorAP 802 Wireless Mesh access point is an 802.11ac dual-band wall-socket Wireless Access Point with a built-in power adaptor. Featuring advanced AP-Assisted Roaming, Band Steering and Airtime Fairness technologies, designed to boost signal & speed, ensure perfect coverage and create a smooth wireless connection. The VigorAP 802 can supply Wireless LAN connectivity as a Mesh Node, Access Point or Wireless Repeater and can optionally be a LAN uplink, with its Gigabit LAN port - providing flexible, tailored connectivity for unique business needs.

The VigorAP 802 perfectly complements any indoor network with a VigorAP 903 Mesh Root access point; or it can be used as an effective network range extender for a business requiring a strong, fast and reliable connection. With the use of multiple Mesh access points, a network can wirelessly hop across nodes - creating connectivity that spans a large office or multiple floors of a business delivering the full extent of the broadband connection to every client device on the network.

The Plug-n-Play technology will enable users to automatically configure a new VigorAP 802 wireless access point into the network. Use the DrayTek Wireless app to set up a Mesh Root and add Mesh Nodes. Installing DrayTek’s Auto-Optimising Mesh Wireless Network takes only a few minutes.

The new VigorAP 802 can be managed centrally through the new VigorConnect management system on a local network, or fully managed remotely across sites with VigorACS, DrayTek’s Central Management Platform. Both systems allow scalable provisioning, configuration, scheduled firmware updates and large scale management.

Key Features:

  • Reliable Mesh Wireless Network Expansion
  • Compact, Versatile and Powerful
  • Auto-Optimisation
  • Gigabit LAN Port
  • Wireless Optimisation
  • VigorConnect / VigorACS Compatibility

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