DrayTek IP PBX Solution for Ecotechnics

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Project Overview

Organisation: Ecotechnics

Partner: n/a

Solution: IP PBX

Products Used: Vigor IP PBX 2820, VigorSwitch G2240

Case Study Summary

  • DrayTek equipment selected for a phone system for 10 people

  • Combined data and voice requirements in one device


About Ecotechnics

Ecotechnics are a franchisee of Envirovent, a provider of ventilation products that address a wide variety of applications such as eradicating mould and condensation and improving the environment for sufferers of respiratory ailments. Based in Biggin Hill, Ecotechnics employ a staff of 10 people in a busy office.

“When we moved into new offices we needed a reliable phone system that was easy to use, low cost to implement and could be up and running right away. We’ve been delighted with the DrayTek IPPBX, it’s met all of our expectations”

Sam Hawkins - Managing Director, Ecotechnics Ltd.

The Requirement

Ecotechnics recently moved into new premises in Biggin Hill and needed a phone system that was easy to implement, handled their needs and was cost effective. Their basic requirements were to have 6 lines available with voice mail for each member of staff with the ability to transfer calls. In addition, Ecotechnics needed an auto-attendant facility for when the office was not manned and an automated voice response (IVR) to direct the caller to the appropriate department by selecting a specific number option.

With sales people travelling out of the office and some people working from home from time to time is was also important that the phone system could be extended outside of the office. As Ecotechnics were considering a VoIP (Voice over IP) system they also wanted to combine their data requirements within the same device if possible.

The key requirements can be summarised as:

  • Keeping costs down (system, line rental and call costs)
  • Phone system for 10 people
  • Need to extend system outside of the office
  • Combine data and voice requirements in one device

The Solution

Ecotechnics selected Draytek’s Vigor IP PBX 2820 phone system. With a list price of 399.00 +Vat the product, they felt, offered exceptional value for money as it addressed both their voice and data needs in one device.

“One of the great things about this product is that it can be connected to two separate broadband connections allowing voice and data traffic to be completed separated. This ensures the voice calls receive maximum and uninterrupted network coverage for great call quality. It also gives us a failover option in the event of line network problems”, 

Sam Hawkins - Managing Director, Ecotechnics Ltd.

The IP PBX was purchased in conjunction with a DrayTek VigorSwitch G-2240, a 24 port gigabit layer two managed switch to connect the various PCs and Phones to the network. The Ecotechnics staff had different requirements for a phone and due to the support for SIP compliance provided by the VigorIPPBX 2820 they were able to mix and match a variety of handsets including Yealink T22P and T28P, DrayTek’s own VigorPhone 350 and a Snom cordless DECT Ethernet phone. For people working from home or travelling, Ecotechnics have implemented two solutions to keep people connected to the office:

  1. Users of smart phones have a SIP phone app installed that allows them to become a virtual extension on the office system when they are in a WiFi or 3G data coverage area. This allows a call to be seamlessly transferred to a remote workers smart phone or answered directly using a DDI number. As well as the convenience this also saves on mobile call costs.
  2. Laptop users have the free DrayTek softphone installed allowing them to make and receive calls from home across the company network. As with the smartphone this may be used in any WiFi or 3G coverage area.

For their phone services, Ecotechnics selected DrayTEL (www.draytel.org), DrayTek’s preferred telephony service provider that provide a SIP trunk allowing multiple calls to be made simultaneously across the Internet.

For out of hours and public holidays, Ecotechnics use the auto attendant to ensure an appropriate message is heard when the office is not manned. The calendar facility allows for this to be set many months in advance to match all the public holidays as well as evenings and weekends.

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