The Partnership between 4Com and DrayTek

Project Overview

Organisation: n/a

Partner: 4Com

SolutionCentral Management

Products Used: Routers, Access Points, Switches, Vigor ACS

Case Study Summary

  • DrayTek are a key network equipment supplier for 4Com - ensuring they can pre-configure and remotely manage Internet connectivity equipment connecting to their HiHi phone system.


The Requirement

  • Having a reliable router and suitable hardware to support the HiHi phone system.
  • 4Com’s HiHi phone service can only be as good as the equipment it is connected to, and the overall service provided.
  • Offer robust products and services to support the HiHi phone system.

The Solution

4Com is a telecommunications service provider and proud Platinum resellers of HiHi phones, including the revolutionary HiHi2. HiHi2 boasts a removable touchscreen display, Google Play Store access (so you can download all of your favourite apps), video calling capability and mobile apps to create a truly Unified Communication solution.

4Com have been working alongside DrayTek for over 5 years. Their main goal was to find a reliable router network hardware provider. DrayTek ticked all the boxes, as well as, being able to provide bespoke configuration support to deploy 4Com’s HiHi phones.

As their key network equipment supplier to 4Com, DrayTek provides a complete solution set covering 3 product categories: a business class router range- for secure and effective internet connectivity, access points to provide Wi-Fi to customers, and lastly, switches for connecting the physical connectivity.

4Com continue to look forward to DrayTek’s streak of creating new and improved ways to manage systems. An example, of a current innovative and improved management system, is the VigorACS remote management platform. The benefits of this remote management platform include:

  • Improving the installation processes
  • Reducing installation times
  • Helping with troubleshooting by refining where the problem may be

“HiHi is only as good as the equipment that it connects into and the broadband service that we provide. We partnered with DrayTek because they absolutely offer this robust product that will us that service we require”
stated Darren Reid, 4Com, Installations Director

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