Wireless Network for The Butchers Social

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Project Overview

Organisation: The Butchers Social at the Forest Hotel

Partner: Breathe AV, Warwick

Solution: Wi-Fi 6, Managed Wireless, Central Management

Products Used: VigorAP 1060C, Vigor 2962, VigorSwitch G1280, VigorAP 918RPD

Case Study Summary

  • DrayTek solution helps Breathe AV deploy a high performance wireless network for The Butchers Social at the Forest Hotel

  •  Using Draytek Wi-Fi 6 and ruggedised access points, Breathe AV installed a 14-zone Wi-Fi network throughout the whole building including outside terraces.


The Requirement

  • The Butchers Social is a high-end restaurant, bar and 12-room hotel, located in Dorridge, Solihull. New owners requested a full network upgrade during a recent facility refurbishment to improve internet speed and coverage.
  • The building had improperly installed cabling and existing networking equipment provided poor wireless connectivity.
  • During peak hours or during a large event, such as a wedding - with up to 200 patrons - the existing wireless network could only support approximately 30 people at time. This impacted EPOS systems, with tills going down frequently.
  • The problems continued in the hotel bedrooms, where there was not enough wireless coverage and low download speeds.

The Solution

Breathe AV was brought in to completely revamp the Butchers Social networking infrastructure. 

After careful consideration, they choose to install DrayTek high performance router, switch and access points. Using Draytek Wi-Fi 6 and ruggedised access points, Breathe AV installed a 14-zone Wi-Fi network throughout the whole building including outside terraces.

The selected VigorAP 1060C is a high-performance Mesh Wireless solution, with Wi-Fi 6 technology, offering up to 3.6Gbps dual-band wireless performance, and up to 2.5Gb Ethernet connectivity.

The ruggedised VigorAP 918RPD is designed for outdoor environments. It is a great addition as wireless access point or range extender to support outdoor dining areas.

The 2.5 Gigabit high performance indoor wireless network uses dual band wireless access points over 3 floors. Covering the restaurant, bar, reception, 12 bedrooms, multiple conference rooms and offices.

“This project has some unique challenges to improve poor wireless speed and coverage. With DrayTek products, Breathe AV was able to boost coverage significantly with Wi-Fi 6 technology and increase available download speeds by 50% through a high-spec fibre router,”

stated Neil Cusdin, Managing Director of Breathe AV.

With the Vigor 2962 Dual-WAN firewall router as the core connectivity device,  Breathe AV can connect to 2.5Gb Ethernet and SFP Fibre.  They can also support up to 20 LAN subnets and provide extensive controls for firewall, content filtering, and VPNs.

For added security and QoS prioritisation, Breathe AV configured the system with multiple VLANs for clients, guests, conference rooms, business meetings and EPOS. To remotely mange this installation, VigorACS2 central management platform will be used.

Neil Cusdin of Breathe AV continued,

“We choose DrayTek for 3 reasons; it is a brand we trust for reliability, great technical support, and its commitment to support small businesses, like ours.   It is a pleasure to team up with DrayTek and know pre and post-sales support is there when you pick up the phone.”

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