DrayTek Router WAN Performance and Hardware Acceleration


The average broadband speed is increasing.

Ofcom’s 2021 home broadband performance research reporting that the UK average residential fixed broadband speed now 50.4Mbps compared to 42.1 in 2019. 24% of connections obtaining an average speed 100mbps or higher.

With this - and the increase in the availability of broadband packages where the speed is 300Mbps or higher - there is a demand to increase WAN performance from the router.

DrayTek latest range of routers and firewalls incorporate greater performance capabilities to help you fully utilise Internet connections, but also they support hardware acceleration.

Hardware acceleration is a useful technology to help obtain maximum speeds on the top end of offered broadband speeds - now routinely around a 1Gbps service.

Watch our webinar recording to learn more about DrayTek hardware acceleration, it’s capabilities, impact and how to configure it. We will provide also tips on how to obtain the best way throughput from your DrayTek router.

Webinar agenda:

  • Background
  • Product Capabilities & Performance
  • What is Hardware Accelleration?
  • How does Hardware Accelleration work?
  • Limitations of Hardware Accelleration
  • Setup
  • Troubleshooting WAN throughput issues
  • Q & A