• DrayTek SmartMonitor

DrayTek SmartMonitor

  • In depth analysis of your Internet traffic
  • Application-Aware Content Logging
  • Compatible with the Vigor 2830, 2860, 2925, 2930, 2955, 2960, 3200, 5510 and 3900 Series


Please note that this product is now end of life.

SmartMonitor Schematic

DrayTek SmartMonitor is a powerful network traffic analysis tool. It combines traffic 'sniffing' together with application layer decoding, categorisation, analysis and statistics. SmartMonitor enables you to analyse in great depth your Internet traffic, as a professional aid to improving efficiency and detecting potential problems. You are also able to capture actual live data, such as the content of emails or Instant Messages coming into or out of your network as well as see statistics on data type activity and specific files uploaded/downloaded.

SmartMonitor is a software download which is installed on a PC (Windows XP or Vista). That PC then collects the data from your router/firewall's ethernet mirror port (for port setup instructions click here). SmartMonitor can monitor up to 30 users on the Vigor 2830 and 2920, 60 users on the vigor 2930, up to 100 users on the Vigor 3200, 2950 and VigorPro5510 and 200 users on the Vigor3900. Click on the 'screenshots' tab above to see some usage examples.