• DrayTek ACS Self-Hosted Edition

DrayTek VigorACS Self-Hosted Edition

  • Self-Hosted Version of VigorACS
  • Subscribe from 20-nodes upwards
  • Increase number of nodes at any time
  • Fully managed on your own server


DrayTek VigorACS Self-Hosted Edition

VigorACS Self-Hosted is a central management platform supporting DrayTek devices (Routers, Wireless Access Points and Switches). It is available to DrayTek appointed dealers and end users in the UK/Ireland.  You can install it on your own server, virtual machine or run it on your chosen cloud platform.

VigorACS Self-Hosted is ideal for small and large numbers of router estates, gives you more flexibility, and brings full control of the VigorACS server parameters used. As a dealer, you can monitor your customers' routers, alerting them to any issues, keeping an eye on activity for them and therefore add additional value to your services.

To learn about VigorACS itself, please see the main page here.

VigorACS Self-Hosted Edition supports node provisioning, monitoring, firmware updates automation, notifications, reporting just to name a few. Moreover, on the self-hosted edition, you can continuously send log/store syslog data from your nodes. Syslog data is stored for an unlimited time. Standard Periodic Inform Settings, STUN, CPE Client credentials and other default settings can be used or adjusted according to your business needs.


  • Subscriptions are annual, payable in advance
  • You can subscribe for a minimum of 20 nodes
  • You can add additional nodes at any time, with a minimum increase of 5 or more nodes
  • Your renewal date for all nodes is on the anniversary of the first nodes' subscription
  • Part-year node no. increases are charged pro-rata, with a minimum cost of 6 months pro-rata
    e.g. If your subscription started 1st January, and you add 5 nodes on 1st February, the additional cost is 11/12ths of the full fee.
    or, if you add 5 nodes on 1st October, it will cost half the full subscription
  • For full service terms and conditions, click on the 'End User Licence Agreement' tab (above)

To start your subscription to VigorACS, or if you have any other questions, please contact us.