VigorAP 910C

Ceiling Wireless PoE Access Point
Managed 802.11ac Business-class Ceiling-mount Wireless Access Point
  • Business-class 802.11ac WLAN access point
  • Ceiling mounted with concealed cable entry
  • 2.4GHz & 5GHz Wireless - Simultaneous Dual-Band
  • Up to 300Mbps 2.4GHz Wireless LAN
  • Up to 866Mbps 5GHz Wireless LAN
  • 802.11ac 866mbps Wireless (5Ghz)
  • Supports 5Ghz extended channels (36-64 & 100-140)
  • Centrally managed or standalone operation
  • Can be powered by supplied PSU or standard 802.3af PoE (Power-over-Ethernet)
  • Up to four distinct SSIDs per radio (for VLANs)
  • 802.1q VLAN Tagging for each SSID & Management
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Vigor AP-910C Access Point for Ceilings or Walls

The DrayTek VigorAP 910C is an 802.11ac ceiling-mounted PoE wireless access point, which can be operated in standalone or centrally managed/monitored mode, with a compatible DrayTek Vigor router, or with the VigorACS central management platform.

The VigorAP 910C is a high specification professional access point providing reliable and flexible coverage to all manner of applications. A vast array of security and management features helps the AP-910C improve and protect flexibility and integrity of your wireless LAN.

Ideal for adding wireless connectivity to an existing LAN, or for expanding the range of an existing wireless LAN by using the WDS repeater features.

The ceiling format of the unit means that it can provide unobstructed coverage to the area around it and aesthetically blends into any home or office environment thanks to its shape, size and hidden cable entry. The AP-910C can also be wall mounted.

A VigorAP-910C installed on the ceiling

For ceiling mounting, a circular mounting plate (included with the unit) is fitted and then the VigorAP 910C is secured into place by twisting the VigorAP into the mounting plate.

For suspended ceilings, additional mounts are included to attach to ceiling T-Bars (see later), clipping securely into place.

Mounting & Coverage

The AP-910C is designed to be installed on ceilings in order to serve the area below it. The cables (Ethernet or Power) can reach the AP-910C from the rear or the side. For solid ceiling fixing a backplate is supplied. The backplate fixes to the ceiling and the AP-910C then clips in. Alternatively, T-Bar mounts enable quick and easy attachments to suspended ceilings (see photo below). The AP-910C can also be wall-mounted - keyhole slots on the back allowing any orientation.

AP910C on T-Bars

AP-910C fitted to the T-bars of a suspended ceiling (clips are included with the product)

AP910C on Ceiling and on Wall mounts

AP-910C installed on a ceiling (using mount plate, left) and hung on a wall (right)

Central Management with DrayTek VigorACS

The DrayTek VigorAP 910C can be managed by the DrayTek VigorACS central management system - a cloud platform which can manage most DrayTek products - routers, wireless access points and Ethernet switches, giving you complete visibility and control of your DrayTek product estate, even without a DrayTek Vigor router on site.

The DrayTek VigorACS management system can be used to configure and provision DrayTek VigorAP access points, similarly to performing these actions through the VigorAP's web interface, with a familiar menu layout in the Configuration section of VigorACS.

Profiles for groups of access points can be provisioned in VigorACS by selecting a VigorACS network, then accessing Configuration > AP Profile to configure profiles and apply them selectively.

DrayTek's VigorACS management monitors the VigorAP 910C, with a Dashboard view giving a central overview of the most important information from the VigorAP's current status.

Managing a VigorAP in VigorACS
Managing a VigorAP in VigorACS

For further details of the VigorACS central management system, click here .

Central Management with a DrayTek Router

Centralised AP Management
Provision & Manage VigorAPs with a DrayTek Vigor router

For further details of the central management feature, click here .

The VigorAP 910C can operate in standalone autonomous mode, but can also form part of a centrally managed wireless installation by adding a compatible DrayTek wireless controller such as the Vigor 2862 router. This enables you to centrally control, manage and administer multiple AP devices installed around your building/campus. Management also enables efficient usage of your wireless access point through load-balancing, whereby wireless clients are distributed across several access points to reduce congestion.

The DrayTek router operating as the wireless controller can provision DrayTek VigorAP access points using the Central AP Management profiles configured on the router, with an option to Auto Provision - auto configuring newly installed VigorAP access points with the Auto Provisioning profile, upon initial connection to the DrayTek Vigor router's network.