VigorAP 920RPD

802.11ac Wireless Access Point with PoE Passthrough
  • Business-class Wireless Access Point
  • Ruggedised IP67 for outdoor usage and
    extreme unprotected environments
  • PoE Powered
  • High-Gain Antenna for Point-to-Point links
  • Omni-Directional Antennas (2.4/5GHz)
  • Secondary Ethernet port with PoE Passthrough
  • Simultaneous dual-band (2.4/5Ghz)
  • 5GHz 802.11ac Wave 2 - up to 866mbps
  • 2.4GHz 802.11n - up to 400mbps
  • Support for 5Ghz Extended Channels (100-140)
  • Centrally managed or standalone operation
  • Central Management supports mobility, load-balancing, monitoring, status, upgrade and configuration
  • WPA2 Wireless Encryption
  • Repeater/Bridge/Access Point & WDS
  • Fast Roaming (WPA2/802.1x) & AP-assisted Roaming
  • Time-Scheduled Operation
  • Bandwidth management per SSID
  • 802.1q VLAN Tagging
  • Client Isolation & Multiple SSIDs
  • MAC Address Filtering
  • Radius / WPA & 802.1x User Authentication
  • Built-in Site Surveyor
  • Wall or Pole Mountable


DrayTek VigorAP 920RPD - Ruggedised Wireless Access Point

DrayTek VigorAP 920R Installed Outdoors

The DrayTek VigorAP 920RPD is a wireless access point designed for outdoor environments. It is ideal for providing wireless access to users and devices in any outdoor scenarios, including restaurants, gardens, marinas, educational premises or, really, anywhere where outdoor access is needed.

The VigorAP 920RPD can be wall or pole-mounted - fixing brackets are included with the product, allowing the VigorAP to be fitted at up to 45 ° up & down and/or left & right. With its dual Omni-Directional antennas and internal High-Gain Directional antenna (switchable), it can be used as a wireless access point or Point-to-Point wireless link between buildings.

Fully IP67 compliant, the product can work in extremes of heat, cold, dirty and wet environments. It is dust and water resistant and housed in a robust metal case to withstand harsh environments.

When we say 'ruggedised', this product has been designed from scratch, using high-tolerance components and designed to perform in all supported environments, in operating temperatures of well below freezing up to 70 ° Centigrade. This isn't our indoor product 'put in a fancy box' and hoping for the best.

The VigorAP is powered through the Ethernet network cable by any standard PoE (802.3af) or PoE+ (802.3at) Ethernet switch, PoE injector or a PoE-equipped router such as the DrayTek Vigor 2952P.

The VigorAP 920RPD is an 802.11ac Wave 2 dual-band access point, backwards compatible with 802.11ac Wave 1 & 802.11a/b/g/n wireless devices. It has 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless radios for simultaneous dual band operation, with 4 individually configured SSIDs available on each band.

It is based on the same familiar OS as other DrayTek VigorAPs such as the VigorAP 902 and VigorAP 910C with scheduling (radio or individual SSIDs), 802.1X with RADIUS authentication (client or internal server) and many advanced wireless features which are detailed in the "Wireless Features" section. In addition to direct web management, the VigorAP can be managed remotely through VigorACS.

PoE Power Output with Secondary Ethernet Port

DrayTek VigorAP 920RPD Providing power and network connectitivy to an IP Camera

Power an adjacent additional PoE capable device, such as an IP camera or another wireless access point alongside the VigorAP 920RPD, through a single CAT5/6 cable.

You can daisy chain a second VigorAP 920R to sit alongside the the first. At up to 100 meters apart from each other, when powered by a high power 56V PoE injector.

The VigorAP 920RPD's second Ethernet port provides PoE power to any standard PoE device (802.3af or 802.3at standard). It's important to ensure that the originating PoE switch or injector which is powering the primary Vigor 920RDP provides sufficient power for the primary device and the secondary device which is connected to it. Standard 802.3at provides up to 30W. The VigorAP 920RDP uses up to 18W itself, which leaves around 12W for the second powered device (less any loss from long cabling). If you need to put a device on the secondary Ethernet port with a higher current draw, you can add our high-power PoE Injector (DrayTek Part POEINJ-H2).

PoE PD Power Output
over 100m CAT5
12 Watts

DrayTek VigorSwitch with PoE+ 802.3at capability or

Any standard 802.3at PoE+ Switch / Injector

16 Watts 56V PoE Injector with 60W power output

Integrated Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Temperature Sensor Graph

To monitor operating conditions, the VigorAP 920R has an integrated temperature and humidity sensor. Alerts are sent via Syslog or E-mail, should the VigorAP's internal temperature or humidity exceed safe operating levels, or the specified temperature ranges.

The VigorAP's web interface graphs this data for up to 7 days to easily view the temperature and humidity conditions of each access point.

Dual Purpose Antenna Design - Point-to-Point or Omni-Directional

The VigorAP 920RPD is flexible by design, with both Omni-Directional antennas supplied for normal AP usage, and an integrated Directional antenna for wireless links between buildings.

Access Point mode - Omni-DirectionalPoint-to-Point mode - Directional

The standard weatherproof antennas on the VigorAP 920RPD provide excellent coverage to nearby wireless devices on both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands.

These are removable and use a standard N-type connector for upgrading to larger antennas.

An integrated High-Gain Directional antenna is sealed within its weatherproof casing.

Create fast Point-to-Point wireless links between buildings by pointing a pair of VigorAP 920RPD access points at each other.

This operates in the 5GHz band, using 802.11ac to link the VigorAPs with up to 866Mbps of throughput across the wireless link.

Central Management with a DrayTek Router

The VigorAP 920R can operate in standalone autonomous mode, but can also form part of a centrally managed wireless installation by adding a compatible DrayTek wireless controller (a Vigor2862, 2926, 2952 or 3220 router). This enables you to centrally control, manage and administer multiple AP devices installed around your building/campus. Management also enables efficient usage of your wireless access point through load-balancing, whereby wireless clients are distributed across several access points to reduce congestion.
Check the "Screenshots" section for some examples of the DrayTek Vigor router's Central AP Management facilities.

The DrayTek router operating as the wireless controller can provision a DrayTek VigorAP access point using the Central AP Management profiles configured on the router, with an option to Auto Provision access points - which auto configures the VigorAP with the profile's settings configured onto the VigorAP upon initial connection to the DrayTek Vigor router's network.

For further details of the central management feature, click here.


Central Management with DrayTek VigorACS

The DrayTek VigorAP 920R can also be managed by the DrayTek VigorACS central management system - a cloud platform which can manage most DrayTek products - routers, wireless access points and Ethernet switches, giving you complete visibility and control of your DrayTek product estate, even without a DrayTek Vigor router on site.

The DrayTek VigorACS management system can be used to configure and provision DrayTek VigorAP access points, similarly to performing these actions through the VigorAP's web interface, with a familiar menu layout in the Configuration section of VigorACS.

Profiles for groups of access points can be provisioned in VigorACS by selecting a VigorACS network, then accessing Configuration > AP Profile to configure profiles and apply them selectively.

DrayTek's VigorACS management monitors the VigorAP 920R, with a Dashboard view giving a central overview of the most important information from the VigorAP's current status:

For further details of using VigorACS for central management, click here.